Q&A with Stella Wilder

Categories: adult, Death's Disciple series, interview, paranormal, romance, Stella Wilder, urban fantasy
White Stripe, Dark Deeds (Death's Disciple #1) By Stella Wilder Editions: ebook Published: February 25th 2014 by Soul Mate Publishing Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance Can an immortal-possessed assassin accustomed to dealing in death and deception lower her defenses enough to work with a disowned deckhand and an urban denizen? Will dropping her guard lead to heartbreak and betrayal? Yaz wants to be human again. Or dead. She pretty much doesn’t care which. Or didn’t care, until she met Sloan. One thing she sure Read more [...]

Vision Versus Reality Disconnect by Marcella Burnard & Giveaway

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Nightmare Ink (Living Ink #1) By Marcella Burnard Editions: ebook Published: April 15th 2014 by InterMix Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy With the needle of a tattoo gun, Isa Romanchzyk has the power to create and destroy. In her shop Nightmare Ink, Isa helps those in need by binding the powers embedded in their Live Ink—the magical tattoos that can enhance the life of the wearer, or end it. But binding tattoos has earned Isa the contempt of her fellow artists—including her former lover Daniel. When a friend comes to the shop with Read more [...]

A Romance for Thriller Fans? by Anne Hope, Excerpt & Giveaway

Categories: adult, Anne Hoppe, bewitching book tours, book tour, Dark Souls series, excerpt, giveaway, guest post, paranormal, romance
Soul Thief (Dark Souls #0.5) By Anne Hope Editions: ebook Published: September 3rd 2013 by Samhain Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance Born to hunt and destroy…until the light of one soul reawakens his own. Adrian knows he once possessed a soul, but it abandoned him the day he was murdered. The day he was reborn as a Rogue, shunned by humans and hunted by his own kind. By night he feeds the darkness inside him by finding and snuffing out corrupt souls, perfectly content to live as an outcast—until a random act of violence unites Read more [...]

Copper Girl by Jennifer Allis Provost Excerpt & Giveaway

Categories: adult, bewitching book tours, book tour, Copper Legacy series, excerpt, giveaway, Jennifer Allis Provost, urban fantasy
Copper Girl (Copper Legacy #1) By Jennifer Allis Provost Editions: ebook, paperback Published: June 25th 2013 by Spence City Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy Sara had always been careful. She never spoke of magic, never associated with those suspected of handling magic, never thought of magic, and never, ever, let anyone see her mark. After all, the last thing she wanted was to end up missing, like her father and brother. Then, a silver elf pushed his way into Sara's dream, and her life became anything but ordinary. ~ Goodreads Amazon Read more [...]

Book-o-Sphere Flutters ~ April 12th Edition

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I've seen more & more awesome blogs do link roundups, on different topics, at different times of the week. I really love the concept because my week is either utter insanity and I have like no time to look around the blogosphere, or I have a huge amount of free time - in both cases, link roundups are made of win. This, of course, is a good reason to read them, not write them, lol. But you know me, I'm a giver :D I thought I could share my sources of awesome info, hopefully some of you guys could use my OCD-ness of doom on topics like... Flutter-worthy Read more [...]

Q&A with Deborah Camp & Through His Eyes Excerpt

Categories: adult, bewitching book tours, book tour, Deborah Camp, excerpt, interview, romance, romantic suspense
Through His Eyes By Deborah Camp Editions: ebook Published: April 4th 2014 Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense Two psychics – one serial killer. Someone is stalking women and murdering them in Key West. Levi Wolfe and Trudy Tucker join forces to help identify the murderer and stop him. Levi can channel the deceased victims and Trudy can tap into the mind of the killer. As a psychic detective team, they’re formidable. As lovers, they discover that they’re insatiable. But if Trudy can see through the killer’s eyes, can the killer Read more [...]
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