Review: Carbon: Session 01 – Alignment by Jason J. Berg, Christopher J. Cox

Carbon: Session 01 – Alignment
 Jason J. Berg, Christopher J. Cox; eBook, 2nd Edition
Published March 20th 2011 by CarbonLegends
Includes Episodes 000 – 006 of the Genre-Bending ‘Carbon’ Series
+ 3 Previously Unreleased Appendices’
+ Detailed World Maps (Full Scale & Enlarged)
+ A Complete Sketch Art Gallery
Episode 000 – Prologue
“The unknown realm of Terra has woven many an intricate tapestry using the souls of all the diverse life forms that have flourished, and withered, during the world’s youthful cycles. Now, as the final stitches of another age are being placed, we follow the remaining fabrics as they become even more deeply entwined by the crafting hands of fate…”
Goodreads on Carbon: Session 01 – Alignment

You know those really action-focused reads that inexplicably turn into these action-packed movies inside your head the moment you start reading? Well, this is one of those. The mastery of the word is there, ringing of my childhood tales, ringing of forgotten times with heroic battles that were provoked by now dusty reasons, like the moral need to avenge your loved one’s death and to `repay’ the wrongdoing that has been done.

I dunno how you guys would name that sort of story, where the good guy is brave, and determined, and he struggles with whatever fate he’s been dealt but valiantly makes it through any and all ordeals; he encounters supernatural beings, often as enemies but also as aids, he uses their help, helps them along the way, and someway, somehow, it all weaves into a path that leads him to where he aught to get to; the pure, righteous, brave one always is wronged, but he always fights back and struggles until he gets what he wants…and the ladies are always fair, and sweet, and gentle, and they end up with the hero in the end. Those kinds of tales fascinated me throughout my childhood, for many, many reasons, and they still do; the art of the word gives them something truly magic, something that few are able to achieve, making them timeless works of art.
Well, that sort of magic, that sort of artful word that flows right into your imagination and makes a crystal clear movie of it all inside your head I’ve found in Carbon: Session 01 – Alignment. The writing is, in my humble opinion, a very strong point of this series, if it’s kept in this artful and stylish form.

Scattered throughout are a few lovely images as well, and let me tell you, as the very visual person that I am, I love to be given those. I mean, sure, I can imagine the character, I will have fun doing it, but give me some hints so my mind won’t go astray with it. The small, beautiful sketches here give you enough detail to have a clear picture, but not as much as rendering your own imaginative process minimal.
I love the way the setting is put up, the characters feel well built, giving you a clear sense of who and what they are even if the read in itself is really not that large, we’re talking about an introductory piece of the story after all.

I will say, as the anime-lover that I am, that me watching the Bleach series might have had a great influence on my perception of this little darling. If you’ve seen Bleach episodes, love the fighting and the pace of the action in it, you will love this as well, I am most sure. It’s got that same kickass slash cool slash fairytale flavor to it; it’s not easy to achieve such a visual degree of story-telling with masterful words, and I applaud the authors for achieving it – for me, this makes or breaks this kind of read.

Obviously, there is much to be learned still, much to be discovered, and much thirst to be quenched, but this is a story I’d love to fallow. Overall, I’d say we have good chemistry, and this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Looking forward to getting `personal’ with the rest of the series 🙂

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