Review: All Night by the Rose by Kevin Newman

      All night by the Rose
Kevin Newman; Published May 19th 2011
In this collection of short stories we are introduced to a city of depravity, a misanthrope who blasts away delusions of grandeur, a patient terrorized by an author, the entropic boredom at a car plant, a man caught by a spider, a building encompassing eras, a fellow who must come to terms with his brother, love stories that defy expectations, tales of the fantastic to be found in the Middle-East, childlike theism and a trailer park in space.
Goodreads on All Night by the Rose

Dear God! If I read any more fabulous short stories I might be tempted to give up reading anything else!

I will start by emphasizing this is not only a fab collection of short stories, but a free one! Head over to Kevin Newman‘s webiste and download it, any format you want, pdf, epub, mobi. Go get it, I do think you should

Now, as far as styles go, this is the very original, gutsy kind. Boy, do I love that sort! But I am aware there are those that might not like this sort of writing; to those I say, to each his own. My opinion is writing, as an art form, should be gutsy, and awesomely unique, and intimately personal. The more edgy the writing style, the more personal the reading experience is.

All stories are wonderfully peculiar; I couldn’t quite decide on one favorite.
Words are so wonderfully put together, images so powerful, this collection is bound to leave a strong impression. You might feel disoriented, or slightly dizzy at some point, they are quite intense in my opinion, the atmosphere quite thick. It’s a crazy fun ride though, a delectable ride through the wonders of a beautifully creative mind.
His voice is crystal clear, mature, assertive, and it just seduces you completely.

I think I felt most touched by Janey Chu, and I deeply, deeply enjoyed Red Backed Betty and Down with Me. I believe no matter your personal preference, you will find at least one short story that will bedazzle and fascinate you.

Who would I recommend this to? Well, the braver of heart, I’d say; those that are not looking for an easy, quicky feel-good read. If you’re a lover of stereotypes, you might want to look elsewhere for your literary pleasure


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