Review: Hell on the heart by Nancy Brophy

    Hell On The Heart
Nancy Brophy; Kindle Edition, Published April 24th, 2011
Czigany “Cezi” Romney is perfectly happy. Yes, she’d have liked to have graduated high school, perhaps even attended college and become a CSI rather than working for her father and Uncle as an asthmatic sidekick. But leaving Armadillo Creek would be impossible. A gypsy without family would be like a ship without a rudder – directionless, unable to function. […]
Can a petite gypsy woman bring down a man the FBI can’t find? Agent Stillwater isn’t giving her a chance to find out. Like it or not, Stillwater plans to remain glued to her side. With her family watching his every move, it doesn’t take tarot cards to read the heat between them.
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Oh my God! I read this novel like some sort of lunatic, giggling, laughing and fidgeting in my chair from start to end. I loved this novel so much, so so much I wanted to read it again right after I’d finished it! I still want to read it again!

Yes, I am fangirling. If you’ll read this, and you simply MUST, you’ll understand why. For this to be perfectly fair though, I will say this before fangirling all over the place: the version I’ve read (Maybe some edits might have been done since? No idea.) would need to be re-read and edited a bit. Though few, there are some mistakes, that I attribute to writing under a massive muse-inspiration wave. It would be a pity to give anyone reason to look down on this awesome story.

But Nancy Brophy‘s writing is so good, SO good, you won’t really care about the little and few mistakes you might encounter now and then! She has that amazing writing style that feels light, natural, fresh, and always so much fun to read. I loved it to bits, and the bits to pieces. As far as the style goes, it’s right up there with Becca Fitzpatrick’s writing for me, which is a total joy.

The plot itself is original, and I will say well researched. The customs and traditions of the Roma community are well displayed, without pointing them out in any negative way; they’re this tight knit family, with peculiar beliefs and exotic accents.
The guys in the story are all crush material, even the bad ones. You’ll just love basically any character, well except the slave traffickers maybe, but everyone else, as much or as little present in the plot, you’ll love them. Because they just feel alive, so alive and vibrant, you won’t be able to put down the book until the very end.

The plot itself is really well written, and interesting. The dynamics between different characters and the general hotness of the guys make this book one of my absolute favs of the moment. I just wanna state this, as officially as I can: if Cezi would leave him, I’d wanna marry Stillwater like, yesterday. Yum! And I mean, yum!

Which brings me to my fav topic: Cezi and John. First off, their chemistry is so intense, it’s crazy. Cezi is funny, spunky and inventive, John is all man, powerful, experienced, (did I mention he’s super hot? xDDD) intense and quite intoxicating. The two of them make a pair you won’t believe, I mean I’d read another 10 books at least based on their awesome chemistry.

All in all, with the edits mentioned, I don’t see any reason why this novel wouldn’t be an all-out success with ya readers (even though there are some one on one scenes in there, but described in light enough notes I think), and more mature ones as well. It’s just the fun, catchy, original sort of read you’ll surely love.

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