Review: Paradise Seekers by N. Major

     Paradise Seekers
N. Major; Published May 24th 2011
Sam awakens into the new world of Haven knowing nothing of his past, save a recurring dream that haunts him nightly. As he adapts to his new surroundings, Sam find others who are like him: groups of teenagers calling themselves “Paradise Seekers.” At first Sam believes he has found a utopia. But as the dream turns darker and a strange insanity begins to rip apart the other Paradise Seekers, Sam finds himself in a race against time to save not only himself, but the girl he loves from spiraling down into an unknown and unquestionable fate.
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I know, it seems harsh; I’ll be clear about this, there is nothing wrong with N.Major‘s novel. The writing is solid, the characters are outlined quite well, I mean, I don’t find anything lacking. Even the cover ties in well and is very relevant to the content.

But, for me, there wasn’t anything right either. I didn’t get into the story, at all. I gave it chance after chance, and though I was tempted to drop it many times, I didn’t. I stuck with it till the end. I made sure there was no chance it could work out before stating that it didn’t.

Why didn’t it work out? Well, I could give you a number of reasons. One is, the characters didn’t elicit any form of care or feeling from me, at all. I mean, I knew them as I was reading, I got what was what, and I just couldn’t bring myself to care. They didn’t compel me into caring about what was going on, nothing throughout the plot endeared them to me. It could have happened, the potential was there, that’s why in the end I stuck with it – but it just didn’t.

Another reason might be the plot itself; I mean, I’m not a fan of religion-related things, and in this I am not at all discriminating, I mean I’m not a fan of any religion-related thing; but religion-related topics can be tackled in a non-religious tone. Like, things could be fun, funny, entertaining, intriguing. Not a constant comedy, but fun, at least to some degree. I found nothing fun about the Paradise Seekers, in the amusing or entertaining or intriguing category.
I mean, say they were up in Haven, doing their sin atonement thing. Things up there could have been exciting, intriguing, provoking, but they didn’t feel that way to me, at all. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for gutsy, experimental writing, by no means do I stick to a pattern. But this, to me, felt like a prolonged Bible School lesson; I don’t do Bible School, I don’t do Church in general.

So it really didn’t work out between me and Paradise Seekers , there was no chemistry between us, at all.
I am keenly aware there will be lots and lots of people that do get into this somewhat somber, moral-driving style. To those, I do recommend it, as I’m sure it would be a hit with people that enjoy that sort of thing.


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