In my Mailbox #2

Totally forgot to do this Monday; I’d made a plan of doing IMM on Monday,s but here’s to my fabulous planning tactics and how things tend to go once you’ve made a schedule for things. Anyways, since my previous IMM aka #1 (impressive, I know 😛 ),  I’ve gotten these delightful goodies:

Won in giveaway (For the Love of Reading ):

Books on tour:

NetGalley uber-awesome-looking yum-ificent ARC:

Shopaholic cred-card-d00m acton:

Cred-card says:
I’m getting really close to , buuut what can you do..

Anyways, I’ve made a pledge now that I will (hopefully) not under any (reasonable..) circumstances buy any more books (unless I reaaally itch to) until I buy myself a Kindle, Nook, or similar e-reading device. Being tied down to my computer (it’s not even a laptop…) if I wanna read any of these ebooks sucks. Raising money for the device. Must. Not. Spend. Any. More. It’s just 100$ or so, how hard can it be?…


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