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   Blood Howl
Alex Kidwell & Robin Saxon; Paperback, 210 pages
Published September 12th 2011 by Dreamspinner Press (first published September 11th 2011)
Gun for hire Jed Walker doesn’t figure it for a difficult job-a simple smash and grab retrieval-except his new client doesn’t want money or goods. He wants shy, gorgeous Redford Reed, a man who turns Jed’s world upside down inside a day. He is in no way prepared to fall hard and fast for his newest assignment.
Redford Reed lives his life locked in his grandmother’s house, haunted by a terrible curse and watching the world pass him by until Jed shows up, sent by a man who will stop at nothing to claim Redford as his own. Teaming up with Jed is Redford’s only chance at survival, but as the violence escalates, so does the tension between them. Even though they each finally have something to live for, now it’s going to take all Jed’s skill and every bit of courage Redford has just to stay alive.

I’ve had a ridiculously slow week as far as my reading is concerned. I can’t find a real reason for it, getting into a job mindset I think, going to bed early, getting up early, staying away from the PC more…so obviously, reading is affected, all my reads are on my PC. But anyways…the book.

As soon as I started it, I was in love with Jed. Well, not in love-in love, but I loved the guy, you know? He’s smart, witty, very alert, hands on (in a lot of ways, lol), he has a great sense of humor and he’s a deadly, ex-cover-op sort of guy that is the human equivalent of a killing machine, that’s very into pet names of all sorts that will have you lol-ing your bits off. I know I did. I kept picturing this well built, killer-looking dude, prancing around the place and calling guys “sweetcheeks”, “darlin'” and the likes. Which he does, and he’s over-the-top hilarious, a lot of fun to follow around.

Red was the adorable sort of guy, all big eyes and novice about a lot of things. I guess we could say he’s the cute type, you know? Now, as the characters sound right now, I bet you’re thinking it’s all clear right? Well there’s a twist. You ever noticed how in many romance stories, when there’s a werewolf, he tends to be all alpha? Or he’s like a beta, and the alpha is out to buy fruit during the whole book, or something? Well, I won’t give you details or anything, but this story has a special kind of werewolf. And a special dynamic to the relationship as well. If you think you have it all mapped out just from the sound of it, you’ll be quite surprised when reading.

So, the main things I liked were the main couple, I really liked David too, and wished to somehow have read more about him (hint~hint at writing his story xD), and the fact that things seemingly predictable turned out to have a special twist.
The writing is very easy to follow, and clear, and funny, what with Jed being the main star of the event a lot of the time. I would have liked it more if it would have been an omniscient narrator that would have told me the tale, instead of it being clearly divided into this and that point of view, but that’s just a preference of mine.

The plot is not overly elaborate; there’s stuff going on, guns blazing, perps doing some nasty, but not overly much, the focus is on Jed and Red’s relationship mostly. I liked that, it didn’t feel like there was something missing, and once in a while I like a plot that is more forgiving on my attention span; I mean, if I’m gonna read a romance, I’m gonna want romance from it, not a twirly twisted mind-discombobulating story that’ll have me half-bald by the end of it, you know? Some stories work fine with this sort of relationship-focus, if the characters are charismatic enough and the whole reading experience is fun. This book is one of those stories.

The overall rating is more of a 3,5 then an entire 4 butterflies, but I liked it too much to be a 3, I mean I was giggling almost all the while as I read it. There’s something to be said about a book that makes you giggle even though one of the characters, or more, go through some intense life-changing experiences. You’re curious, am I right? Well go and read it, it’ll be a great experience.

And I really like the cover, too. It gives me a break from those naked hotstuds showing off their admittedly awesome skin, I mean you think there’s never too much of a good thing, but even skin tends to get boring when everyone’s showing, you know? This cover is intriguing, and beautiful, and it has a special vibe to it, it grabs your attention. I knew this would be a special read, and it turned I was (as usual) right.

I highly recommend this if you enjoy smut, angst and are in need of a serious mood lifter.

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