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        UN-Forgettable series (Unearthed, Unraveled, Unleashed, Unmasked)
C.J. Barry ; Kindle Edition
Published October 3rd 2011 by Carina Press (previously published titles)
Tess MacKenzie has always dreamed of taking her place among the stars, but racing through the galaxy is not quite what she had in mind. Cohl Travers needs Tess. Convincing Tess to put her life on hold to help his people is the easy part. Resisting the desire to ask her to stay with him will be much harder…
To prove she’s worthy of her place at the prestigious Majj Institute, Tru Van Dye must make an important discovery by age 30—and time is running out.Rayce has given up treasure hunting, but his dream of renovating a starport is threatened by a lack of funds—funds Tru is offering.But if she falls for the bad boy in real life, will she be forced to give up the future she thought she was destined for?
Lacey Garrett was about to be free. For Zain, Lacey could do anything because his kisses, his touch, everything about him felt like destiny. And that destiny was the true Lacey Garrett . . . UNLEASHED.
Torrie Masters had heard whispers of the Ghost Rider of the Dead Zone, but never expected to come face-to-face with the legendary space pirate. A criminal in the eyes of sector law enforcement, Qaade is haunted by the past.When Torrie finds Qaade, she also stumbles upon a disturbing truth. Now, she’s torn between family loyalty, and falling for the most wanted man in the universe.
Goodreads on the UN-Forgettable books

The overall rating for the series is 4 butterflies. I had a great time reading these books, I had fun, I got a healthy dose of smutty galore, and I was very, very glad I got a chance to read them.
If I were to say what genre they’d go in, since people are always big on tags and stuff like that, I’d think these are romance with a sci-fi-ish twist, and not the other way around. There is a lot going on in each book, and there’s a whole universe weaved for them, but I feel the main element is the romance. So I’d disagree with some reviews I read up on Goodreads, that slightly bash them for not being solidly sci-fi. I don’t think they were meant to be; and I don’t think I would have liked them more if they would have been, honestly. Buuut then again I’m not a sci-fi buff, I just like the occasional sci-fi because the book was very well written and the writer is very talented, not because of that genre. Anyways…

Unearthed (UN-Forgettable #1)
Now, if I were to talk about them book by book, the first one was more like 3,5 then a full four. I liked the writing, the mood, the world, but I can’t say I liked both the characters that much; Cohl was cool, and Tess was funny, but I didn’t love either of them.
What I really liked, in all the books (maybe a little less in the 4th though), was the chemistry between the the characters. I mean, it was right there, intense to smoldering, on a case by case basis. And it was hot as hell in space, I can tell you that!
I will admit to the fact that the first and the last book in any series always benefit from less of my willingness to commit emotionally; the first one needs to really win me over for the rest of them, and the last one I approach with one foot outside the door, more or less, anticipating the separation and all that. So, there’s always that…

Unraveled (UN-Forgettable #2)
This one came close to being my favorite of the series.  I liked both Rayce and Tru, a lot, and their chemistry was awesome. I also loved the emotional tension between them, and the healing that their connection brought them both.

The first part of the book seemed more fun then the second one, for some reason. Here I felt a slightly more interesting level of world-building then in the first, the whole Majj thing, and their intolerance for anything less then ‘perfect’ seemed more sci-fi (to me) then the more space-fairytale flavor the first book had. The fact that I liked both the characters of course influenced me, and this would be a full 4 butterflies rating.

Unleashed (UN-Forgettable #3)
Now this one I loved the most out of all 4 of the books.  This one I’d love to reread anytime I’ll have the chance.

The plot is, like with book #2, more sci-fi-ish then the first. But what really makes this awesome are the characters, Zain and Lacey, and their chemistry. It felt to me like they had the most intense connection out of all the pairs, and I loved them separately and together. Of course, I may be also influenced by Lacey’s cat in this…it shall remain a mystery.

The entire book felt fast paced, and it kept me on the edge of my seat basically from start to finish; I loved it so much, I read it in one go. It felt to me like in this book there was the most humor, and it’s all thanks to Lacey, she’s super smart, and funny, and a pleasure to read. And Zain was the awesome partner for it.
Lacey and Zain rock!!
This one was more like a 4,5 butterflies, it was close to 5, but not quite there for some reason. But it’s one awesome and fun romance book, and I say you should read it, totally.

Unmasked (UN-Forgettable #4)
Aaaand my least favorite one – this one was a 3 butterflies. As I’ve mentioned before, a part of it may very well be the fact that I’d sort of started to detach from the series, knowing full well this one was the last book. And because they’re ‘related’, one character being introduced by the previous book, but they can very well stand on their own, separately, without any issue really, there wasn’t a bunch of tension carrying over from the previous twists and turns in the series. Plus it came after a book I had a lot of fun reading, so without my intending to, it surely got compared and lost some points that way.

I attribute my slightly less enthusiastic reaction to this read to Torrie, really. I mean, Qaade didn’t exactly outshine the other male characters of the series, in my opinion, but Torrie was decidedly less fun then she seemed to be when she was introduced in book #3. I mean, I thought she’d be more fun, and for some reason, she wasn’t quite as much as I thought.

Of course, another factor is all the slaves thing, and the tone of the book in general is more sober, the characters deal with some disturbing issues. I dunno. But I still enjoyed reading it, and if we’re talking series, I say read all the books.
There are some patterns, like the uber-hot-stud male character, and the perky female character, and the outrageous attraction between then, you know, the smutty ingredients for an awesome read

Aaaaand…yes, you know it’s coming: what fabulous covers!! Totally awesome. I think it’s a really smart move on Carina Press’s part.

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