Review: Wetter: a short story of horror by Brian Fatah Steele

    Wetter: a short story of horror
Brian Fatah Steele; Kindle Edition
Published August 1st 2011 by Dark Red PressA Short Story Of Horror – Something came with the rain one night to the town of New Leeds. Something dark that soaked into the earth, the buildings, the people and gave birth to something even darker. Cleaning out his basement, Hollis comes to learn this… and learn something has been born inside him as well.
Goodreads on Wetter

As many (or some) of you may already know, I ❤ Brian Fatah Steele’s writing, and I’m in the habit of fangirling over it. There’s a very objective reason for that, and that is the fact his writing is freakin’ out of this world awesome. If you haven’t yet read anything by him, I refuse to talk to you.  I may consider reconsidering that, but I probably won’t. But there’s something you can do to fix things, and that is go over at Goodreads and read it. It’s a short story made of awesome and win, and it’s a free read. There is no possible better deal, I’d say.

Now, without being tacky or anything, I’ll signal this little bit of info:

Click it to notice the blue selected area. 😀
Yes, yes, I know, really elegant of me to point it out myself, but hey, I figure who’s gonna be a better cheerleader for me then, well, me? This is the kind of thing that makes a reviewer feel like on cloud 9, especially when you have a fangirling condition about the writer in question. And there may be more for me to boast about in the future, but rest assured, when the time comes, I will, so you won’t miss it.

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk about dark delights, specifically Wetter. Knowing who’s work it is, I expected the awesome to be there, but with this author’s writing, you can’t ever really guess just what this read has in store for you. Man, was I blown away.

While his other writings I’d describe more as (yummy) dark fantasy, this is horror-ish, ok intensely horror to me. I can’t really give you details on that, as it would really spoil your read, and that’d be a crime, but I’ll tell you this, if you’re not brave, or a horror-ish lover, you may want to approach this read with caution. It’s dark, and haunting, and deliciously disturbing, and did I mention it’s creepily beautiful? As it happened each time I’ve read Brian Fatah Steele’s writing, I was transported to another world, into another dimension, with thicker, stickier air that clung to my lungs on its way out. I tell you, reading his writing is a very unique experience.

And just look at that cover, isn’t it beautiful? It’s his own work, too. He’s like an all-around artist, his work is genius, on many fronts. It seems somewhat unfair that one person should be so talented, doesn’t it? It would be enormously unfair if I hadn’t learned about his creative genius, that’s for sure.

Go read Wetter. Now. I wanna know what you thought about it. We must fangirl together!! 😀


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