Why I love…witty characters/villains

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So, this is a fun feature hosted by my friend Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic. I’m so happy I finally made it in time to actually participate, I always seem to be on another planet and forget what day of the week it is, stuff like that.
“Why I love…”  takes place on Wednesdays. Today’s proclamation of love concerns our Favorite Types of Characters.

Why I Love…witty Characters/villains

Yes, yes, I know, you all sow that one coming from a mile away. But let’s start with my ultimate love declaration for a character, this one is my absolute favorite everrrrrrrrrrr ever invented. And here he is…

You need to acknowledge his magnificent awesomeness, and if you’re not obsessed with watching him every week, there must be something wrong with you…
He’s unreasonably smart, and there’s nothing as hot as a razor-sharp mind (and those blue eyes of Hugh Laury’s are a definite bonus, I’ll admit :D).
Of course, he’s also all the things this wallpaper says, which only adds to his charm for me, because I love villains, so he’s like a villain-ish MC. And the way he can manipulate people around him to do the right thing (what he thinks is the right thing), and his undying curiosity make him my no.1, for all time. What really draws me in is his inquisitive nature, and his ability to solve mysteries. That’s why I loved Sherlock Holmes, and I that’s why I love all those crime-cop shows, and watch Discovery Investigation all the time. There’s something about resolving mysteries that just suits my nature better then anything else. And if we can have fun while solving it, then I’m so game.

Why I love villains? Well, more often then not they’re more interesting, more mysterious. And clever, until “good prevails”, a part of the story I have less and less stomach for. Good never prevails. Anyways, villains are a lot more fun then the protagonists, a lot of the time. There’s something sexy about the one committed to mischief, you know? One of my all-time crushes is Scorpius from Farscape, fact that some find odd.

But he’s wicked smart, and clever, and resourceful. I think that’s why I love villains, where protagonists have the whole plot working in their favor, and leading them to their happy ending, the villains are sort of on their own, having to fight for what they want. Sometimes they win, in rare cases, and just because they’re the odd one to reach the finish line, I’ll be cheering for them. I’m always cheering for the odd one in the race, probably a reflection of myself in any context, seen as though I always am the odd one, ever since I could remember.
But villains are fun, they’re exciting. They’re the spice of the plot more often then not, and a better hook for me to read a book then the protagonists a lot of the time.
In the end, I love witty, mean, cynical characters, and villains, because they feel real, they’re fun to watch, and maybe, just maybe, they’re brave enough to do or say things that one might not have the courage for at times.

How about you? What’s your fav type of character, and why do you love them?


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