Hoppity hop Galore #5: All I want for Xmas is…

This is a blog hop hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. This week’s blogs to follow are Lauren’s Book BLog and Books & Barks.
Q: Letter to Santa: Tell Santa what books you want for Christmas!

Dear Santa,

You dislike me, I know. I’ve stalker the house since I was old enough to remember, hoping to catch you in the act and rob you of all your presents. You might have sensed it, and always hid, which only made me want to catch you that much more. I gave up trying to catch you when I was about 7, and got smart; I’d whine about all the things I wanted and knew you wouldn’t bring me to my parents, who didn’t hide from me, and had to live with me for the duration of the year, so they always came up with the goods. At that point, you could have been lounging under the tree for all I cared, I had already set everything up with my regular suppliers.

Now, being older and wiser, I know better. I don’t whine, I subtly hint and drop random comments when I know it counts. You’ve taught me the most important lesson in life: the best way to get things is not to ask for them out right, but insidiously sneak the thought to your loved ones and let it grow; it’s a labor of love, but if you invest yourself, Xmas will always be totally merry. The spiked egg-knock helps too, but you know…

So this year, I don’t want a specific book. I have lots of books already that I never get the chance to read, my reading for review is always behind regardless of my efforts…it would be very selfish of me to say that I wanted a Kindle, for instance, or a Nook, or some ebook reader instead of books, that way I would be able to read more and not be bound to my PC all day and ruin my eyes and have trouble sleeping. But, you know…a smut book would be good too. I’m really, really low on morale during winter, so a random Harlequin Presents novel would be cool too. There’s nothing better to lift a girl’s mood then some old fashioned smut.

P.S.: Now that I grew up, Santa, I know where you live. Keep that in mind.

What about you? And don’t forget to hop around and say hi to people, we’re in this together ne? 

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