In my Mailbox #3

I skipped this for what, 2 weeks? Am such a clown.
Anyways, since my previous IMM aka #2 ( SO impressive, I know 😛 ),  I’ve gotten these delightful goodies:

Review submissions:

NetGalley uber-awesome-looking yum-ificent books and ARCs:

AND, I was a very very good girl and didn’t assault poor cred-card again; I used a gift coupon I got from Alexis’s Follower Appreciation Extravaganza (long story,it was supposed to be a book not a gift card, but I’ll skip the long explanations…) to get me some promising smutty reads (sort of revolving around her diversity theme, but with a bit of spice xDD it’s diversity for me, I never read a book about a sheik until now, lol):

*Cred-card screams*: What is WRONG with you, you have like hundreds of books you’ve bought on an impulse and never gotten to read!!! You’re getting more????
*I give cred-card the death glare*: Dude, shut up, or I’m gonna go blitzkrieg ebook impulse shopping on you, capishe?


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