In my Mailbox #4

Ok, so this week I have a very rich IMM, and I’m feeling very book-sexy (yes, that IS a notion xDDD) so I’m gonna share my joy. You know, always the sharing type 😀

Review submissions:

NetGalley grabs:

– shameless amounts of Harlequin Presents, numbers of them I don’t care to have a clear image on; cred-card hates my guts with unrivaled passion…

The joy of the week, childish as it may be, is that I got all these goodies from Harlequin on NetGalley, they’re my first Harlequin grabs and I’m just happy I got them. Why did I go for books from the Royal House of Shadows when I didn’t much like the first of the series? Well for one thing, because they’re written by different writers, and suck as I may by admitting this, I haven’t yet read anything by these authors. So I might as well start with something, right?

This means that the To-Be-Read&Reviewed-Pile has gotten back to 70-ish. Not good…BUT I am going to have more free time from now till the beginning of next year, if things don’t change dramatically one of these days, SO I really really hope to get that number down by half until the end of year, if not more. Yes, I know, gutsy of me, BUT a girl can dream right? lol

So what about you guys, what bookish goodies did you grab this past week?


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