In my Mailbox #5

Hello my dear fellow readers! I’m having a peppy day, so be afraid, be very afraid, lol. Well, last week’s grabs was somehow more modest then the XXL grab of the previous one,but considering my TBR&R pile has gotten back to 70 titles, it’s more of a good thing then a bad one. But I’ve made a resolution for 2012 to read more of my own books and reduce the TBR&R pile to under 30 or less, so I have every confidence I’ll fail make it.

On with the goodies show, right? Right.

NetGalley grab:

This looks really really good, I can’t wait to read it xDDD And it is another Harlequin, I think my chances of Harlequin grabs are looking good from here on 😀

Review Submissions:


{Because Patti is beyond awesome and I wove her to bits for it, she gifted me this copy of her lovely book#2 in her Paradox series, can’t wait to read it xDDD}

I am totally looking forward to reading these, and the previous ones as well of course. I wanna do an intense reading program in December and get some reviews up and scheduled for a while, or I’ll never get ahead of the backlog of d00m.

So what about you guys, what bookish goodies did you grab this past week? Tell me in the comment or gimme a link to your IMM of the week!


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