Review + Giveaway: The Accidental Activist by Alon Shalev

        The Accidental Activist
Alon Shalev ; Kindle Edition
Published October 22nd 2010 by Three Clover Press (first published October 1st 2010)
David meets Goliath in the law courts of England in the 1990’s. The advent of the Internet is leveling the playing field as a multinational corporation tries to silence two young political activists in a riveting court case that captivates the political and business world’s attention.
The company will try anything (sex, espionage, bribery and coercion) to stop or win this case. In fighting the corporation, a self-absorbed computer programmer discovers romance and a way to change the world one mega-pixel at a time.

I’m all about those crime/investigation/court drama TV shows or documentaries, I love the mystery and the figuring out part, but there’s a catch to those: you know that in about 1 hour, 2 the most, you’ll have been intrigued, and have gotten the answer. With books, there’s another dimension to it, the huge buildup of tension. Well, this book had plenty of that.

Now, I will be the first to say I don’t really know details about the case it’s based on, so I didn’t have that to give me slight “spoilers” or hints as to what would happen next. So my reading experience with this novel was a mix of heaps of curiosity, intrigue, admiration, anxiety, awe and bits and pieces of laugh, because Matt has an irresistible sense of humor (of which I would have liked to see more, honestly).

The characters are very interesting, and likable, and they take on this aura of a collective of informational Robin Hoods; Matt is really fun, I loved his sense of humor as I’ve mentioned before, and his loyalty as well, his ambition and dedication. Suzie was fun, but for some reason I didn’t really like her that much; Bill was totally amusing and I appreciated his opinions and positions when it came to big time decision making.

I really loved the writing, the tone of it, the wording. Reading this I realized I had been missing this English hue to things, that kind of humor, those accents that Alon Shalev does such a good job at rendering in his writing.

The plot has good structure, thought it is something I generally tend to avoid reading because it’s more of an urban legend (at best) around here, the idea that the few, righteous and courageous, can take the many, devious and corrupted. I haven’t heard of such a case ever existing in true life, I mean in my direct environment, usually if you want to win you’ll just become one of them one way or the other, or you take a payoff and walk away filthy rich (or as I think of it, just filthy). But to each his own, right? Anyways, I tend to avoid these plots because they only fuel my general sense of frustration. But this one had a big environmental color, so to speak, so I really wanted to see where it would take me.

The court part of the novel, the bigger part of it really, was quite interesting, very exciting and thought provoking, and revealing. No, I’m not explaining that any better, you’ll just have to read it to see for yourself :p
But if I’d be to pick my favorite part of the whole book, emotionally I’d go with the beginning, when Matt had enough reasons to be super fun and charming in his slightly geeky (in a good way, I love geeks, so don’t start hating) way; Suzie brought on all kinds of trouble, fact that Matt thoroughly enjoyed as the end of the book will make plenty clear. I really did have a tense, edgy sort of fun reading it all, and though I tried to keep my hopes in check, I couldn’t help but cheer for the underdog.

All in all, it was an interesting read, a really interesting perspective on early thoughts and attitudes towards the Internet, and it made me feel good in the end. Isn’t that all that matters? 🙂
I say give it a try, I think you won’t regret it.

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