Review: Haunt by Amber Delaine

Amber Delaine; Kindle Edition
Published July 6th 2011 (first published July 5th 2011)
Artist Megan Nelson has never lived anywhere but the tiny Texas town in which she grew up. There is one bus, one corner store and everybody knows everybody. So when a stranger shows up, Megan is more than curious.
Adam is more than he seems: beautiful and strange. Megan soon finds herself falling in love with him as she learns who he is and where he comes from.
But being with Adam comes with a price. The closer Megan gets to Adam, the more she begins to realize that he holds a dark secret which threatens to tear apart everything she has ever known.
On top of it, Megan is plagued with guilt over her best friend, Tony. As her new love life puts a strain on their old friendship, Megan learns how love can help her overcome her terrifying circumstances and change the rest of her life.

Well, I read this when my Internet connection was whack and I didn’t have an exact recollection of which the next book in line for review was. I’m really glad I read it, and here’s why.

The book starts up really promising; I love the writing, let it be said. It has a natural, pleasant flow to it, it reads very well and transmits emotion beautifully without becoming sappy. The plot is interesting, but honestly, I felt like this story could have easily gone a much more fun way for me. Before I go any further in this line of thought, I will remind all of you out there reading this that I’m the one that usually likes the villains of the books better then the “good guys”. It’s not a rule, but it happens a lot.

So, from a romantic POV, I found the direction the plot took to be cute. Cute is good, I like some cute now and then, if it’s well done. This was suspense cute, a really good combination put together in a great way; because you know me well enough to know that simple cute never quite flies.

The characters were very interesting, and unique; I especially liked Megan and, as you all have guessed by now I’m sure, Adam. Don’t get me wrong, Tony was lovely. But for me, Adam was better, because he was and still is a mystery 😀 I’m still a bit confused about his behavior, particularly the beginning of his liaison with Megan is curious to me. There was a point when I felt I wouldn’t have really enjoyed reading about him any more, when he crosses the line between intense and violent. I like intense a whole lot, but I draw my line at violent. But I would have given him a chance to make it up to me, so to speak, I would have loved reading more about him as the book went on. To figure him out, at least. In this I’m like Dr. Gregory House, it irks me to not figure someone out.

Anyways, I felt like I knew where it was going, and I was really into it for something like half a book, all the signs of a really intense and challenging read were there. But then it turned out to be less exciting to me; my rating is a 5 butterflies for the first half or so of the book and a 3 for the second one. I would have loved it in its entirety if the second part had felt as intense as the first one, even with Adam rather out of the picture. More chemistry between Tony and Megan maybe would have made it an entire home run for me, maybe. I will admit that had the first half of the book not been so intense and gripping and intriguing, I wouldn’t have expected so much out of the second one, but then again my overall rating would have been a lower one too, so…

Of course, I will be honest, I would have probably had a blast if Adam would have gotten his way or had been a more consistent part of the plot throughout. Because I like dark, scary, twisted plots, with alike characters, and I’m completely unrepentant about that. Cute and lovey-dovey things grate because they usually strike me as incredibly fake. I’m the one that rooted with the dragon in the fairytale, not with the knight or the prince or whatever, I’ll admit, because the dragon was credible while the brave and all-around-good knight was overly dramatic and reeked of fake. But anyway, here the cute was subtle and mixed with suspense, so that’s why I liked it. It had a very good pitch, so to speak.

Now, when the book ended, I was like, “No way!!! I wanna read about Andy!!!!” and I stand by that. I want a book about Andy. Preferably with some appearances of his father, lol. I’m bad, I know, I know.

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