Review: How to Worship a Goddess (Forgotten Goddesses #2) by Stephanie Julian

     How to Worship a Goddess (Forgotten Goddesses)
Stephanie Julian; Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: December 1st 2011 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Lucy is the Etruscan goddess of the moon, hunted by a powerful demon. One misstep and he will trap and consume her in his bid to escape the underworld. Lucy has stayed one step ahead of him, but she didn’t count on falling for minor league hockey player Brandon Stevenson. John’s not one of her worshippers, but he is determined to win over the gorgeous woman who watches him at every game and won’t give her up without a fight—even if it means releasing the beast he holds inside.

And here we are yet again with a hot romance, or maybe romantic erotica would fit it better? If we’re thinking of it as just erotica, it has got to be one of the best books of the genre I’ve read so far.

What really makes this an awesome read is that, aside having stupid-hot chemistry, Brandon and Lucy have a lot of feeling going as well. I mean, don’t get me wrong, just hotness is cool, but without feelings it’s not as interesting as it could get. 😀 I like them both as characters, separately, and as a couple they were on fire. I mean, who wouldn’t like the hotstud hockey player (that packs some surprises too, but I am SO not telling you about them *mwahahaha*)?? And the hot sort of neglected goddess? One thing I really, really liked about them both was the fact that they were mature people, we’re talking 30+ for him, and well, 2000+ for her or something, but a 30-ish appearance. Young, spring-ish things are cool, unless they seem to become all that you stumble upon, you know? I’m all for diversity, and I felt I got it plenty in this book.

I also loved a lot of the other characters, Lucy’s sons, and Lucy’s sisters were a lot of fun too, pretty much every character that made an appearance left me wanting to read more about them each, so to me, if the author keeps it up, there could be countless books in this series and I’d probably loved reading them all. Because the plot is interesting without becoming oppressive with all its ramifications and narrative arcs and whatnots, the characters are charismatic and fun and they feel real even when they make a brief appearance (which says a lot about Stephanie Julian’s ability to write awesome characters!), the world is original, fresh, beautiful and it has something of the romantic air of times long gone, very very cool!

Another element I really liked was the mythological part of it, I mean, very thorough, and fresh, and awesome!! We’re talking a whole world of beings, with kicka$$ names and a legacy to them, history, all the good stuff. I loved, loved, loved the world of the book, it was awesomely built, very well thought out, simply beautiful.

So, to make a long story short, I say read the book. It’s well written, fun, full of interesting beings, it has intense romance, hot one on one action (involving something of animal magnetism, that kind of yummm stuff), and an engaging plot. Awesome entertainment!

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