Review: My Mother, the Lycanthrope (The Lykoi Chronicles) by W.W. Lengeman

   My Mother, the Lycanthrope (The Lykoi Chronicles)
W.W. Lengeman; Kindle Edition
Published June 24th 2011
Everyone has problems, but Leigh Trinkett is starting to think she has more than her fair share. Leigh has vowed to make the soccer team, but she’s not sure if she’s got what it takes, even with intensive coaching from best friend and budding soccer star, Ashley.
Then there’s Leigh’s family life – and all is not quiet on the home front. Brother Buddy is a would-be ninja who leaves no stone unturned in his quest to annoy Leigh. Crabby old Grandpa Sam came to live with the family when his ranch went under, along with Jerry, a trained dwarf cow who has the run of the house. Leigh’s father is preoccupied with the fate of his business, a shop that specializes in trial-sized products and is suffering trials and tribulations of its own.
Oh, and there’s Leigh’s mother, who hasn’t really been herself lately. Mom’s been sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night, is on first name terms with the local butcher and just may have something to do with the cooler of meat Leigh finds hidden in the garage.
Will Leigh make the soccer team? Will Buddy drive her nuts? Will her father’s business survive? Is her mother a werewolf? All will be revealed in My Mother, The Lycanthrope, book one of The Lykoi Chronicles. Stay tuned for Daughter of the Wolf and To Howl With Wolves, the second and third books in the trilogy.

Now, now, before you start marching towards me with murderous intent, hear me out here, ok?

The title is a dead giveaway for what to expect when reading the book; my thoughts were, ok, so for once the kicker of the story is not discovering that X is a supernatural awesome-sauce being, but…something else. So I went into the read with a lot of curiosity, because I was sure it would have this original and new perspective on something related to weres, basically, like what it’s like for your lycan mother to get angry at the PTA meetings, or you break it to your lycan mother that you flunked Chemistry this year, or something, I don’t know. Stop laughing!

I was very disappointed to learn that the kicker was supposed to be the fact that Leigh’s mom is a lycanthrope. I mean, really? That’s gonna be your coup de theatre, when it’s the title?…Where’s the mystery then? What’s gonna keep me on edge here? The writing isn’t going to, it’s the calm, well-behaved sort of writing, not the edgy, omg-ing sort of perilous affair. I felt confused.

I felt confused to begin with, I didn’t really get what was up with Leigh’s family home, was it like a farm with all sorts of animals? I mean, Buddy is weird, Leigh’s grandpa has a cow-thing for a pet that lives in the house and eats cereal, and I know from the title her mother’s a were-thing. I had this mental image of this stall-like house, with all sorts of animals as characters. Confusing.
The better part of the book reminded me keenly of Lauren Kate’s Fallen; you may recall my feelings on that, or if you don’t, you can freshen up your knowledge here. Just like when reading that book, when reading this one I kept thinking “And?…So?…And I care about that because?…” and waiting for the book to give answers to those mental ticks. They didn’t really come, those answers. I mean I didn’t get why a lot of it was in any way relevant to the plot that I was edified about from the title.
The characters felt strange, like they had very little presence in their own stories.

Considering this is supposed to be a powerful start to a series, I’m sad to say, for me, it was a target missed. I mean, book 1 of any series should give a really strong hook for basically the rest of the books, it should endear the characters to you so much so that you’ll want to keep reading, actually die to know what happens next.
It really didn’t work out between me and this book.

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