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      Splatterism: The Tragic Recollections of A Minotaur Assailant (Pars Prima: Hellenistic Asskicking)
Christian Winter, C. S. Hand; Kindle Edition
Published May 22nd 2011
A failed suicide attempt unites the last living minotaur, Evander, with the eminent sorcerer and perfidious rake Scammander, who might have lost all of his magical knowledge or might have just stashed it elsewhere to make room for his biggest plot yet.
Bonded by suffering and a special antipathy for humanity, the two set out to do what all villains dream of: destroying the world, one civilization at a time.
But how can two creatures annihilate the world?
This is the pathos-filled recollection of the Beginning of the End, narrated, against his will, by the murderer Evander. It is by turns pithy, lyrical, and harrowing, and best when read in solitude, perhaps under a full moon.
Kindly “eliciting” the tale from Evander is Tristan D’Mure, who loved the world the way it was, and will do all that he must to make sure he obtains the truth of how the world was nearly destroyed—and find Scammander, who is once again mysteriously missing…
Pars Prima is a blood soaked novella of 21,000 words, constituting a grizzly, inclement prelude which is to be succeeded by two novel length entries.

It’s been a while since I’ve basked in the intellectual pleasure of such a read. The novella is, in short, spectacular. Rich in gorgeously suggestive imagery, ingenious writing and incredible characters, the plot makes its lavish, sinuous way to a category of gorgeous all of its own. Fantastic creatures, fantastic worlds, fantastic wording. All around fantastic.
And I was sure it would be, just look at that cover, it’s magnificent! Not to mention the title, I mean, on the title alone, I could have given it a full 5 butterflies!!

Evander is a very intriguing, and charming character. His name makes me think of the French “evader”, or English “to evade”, or the Romanian “a evada” – see how all languages of the world are related? 🙂 -, while Scammander makes me think of the word “scam” a lot. Of course, Scammander, Evander’s companion on a fantastic journey, is a very important being, seeming to be deeply rooted in all worlds, no matter how fantastic they may be, and it is, after all, something of common sense for him to be the guide.

The writing style is the ornate, complex, delicious type; it demands attention, and you’ll need to seduce its meaning, to court it, to prove yourself before it will give itself to you. I will confess it’s a pleasure of mine to read such beauties now and then, to feel thoroughly seduced by its intensity and delectable layering of meaning and imagery; one could say this is a somewhat decadent read, in all intellectual manner. But what I loved about it above all else is that it stirs your mind, it inspires you to ponder, to reflect, to expand your horizons. Above all else, I feel literature has the sacred duty to elevate your spirit, your mind, your degree of knowledge. Entertainment will help you pass the time in a pleasurable way, but real essence, thick, sturdy essence that glides on wisps of imagination and creativity will enrich you.

If you like to taste from the forbidden fruit of beauty, then I say please, please do give this a try. I loved it, decadently.

Addendum: As yet another proof of the author’s mastery of words, I invite you to read his reaction to this review, which honors me and gives me the butterflies…

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