2012 TBR PILE Reading Challenge

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This is something I’d already planned on doing so this challenge is a great incentive xD
The challenge is basically to read books that are waiting around for me to finally make time for them, we’re talking books published in 2011 and previously only, no 2012 fresh stuff or ARC’s.
All those books I’ve bought and never got to read, the ebooks littering my hdd, all the cool series that I’ve heard about and never got to read after I bough them – all of them, I’ll try to read. Ok, not all, half of them at least?

Level:11-20 – A Friendly Hug

Titles still to be determined…too many choices for me to make up my mind so soon xDD
It’s reasonable right? 1-2 books per month? I mean…it’s reasonable, doable, and seriously I need to take more care of my reading needs. I hope I’ll be able to go up a few levels, but let’s be reasonable for now, right? *sigh*

If you wanna sign-up for it too, click the image at the beginning of the post or here.

Books I’ve read so far:

L.E.Olteano’s bookshelf: pub-2011-or-earlier-2012-tbr-pile

4 of 5 stars
I loooove that cover, don’t you guys? I’m quite sure you do too, it’s so beautiful, how could you not, right? Now, on to the rest of my thoughts, lol.

The plot was really smart and entertaining, and I had a lot of fun following it….

blog-review, netgalley, reviewed, and pub-2011-or-earlier-2012-tbr-pil…

Saving June
5 of 5 stars
Well, judging by how my reading year has started, 2012 will probably the best bookish year in my personal history!! I loved this book a ridiculous bunch!!

It was a rare case of dramatic moment as a starter and grinning like crazy …

blog-review, netgalley, reviewed, and pub-2011-or-earlier-2012-tbr-pil…

4 of 5 stars
blog-review, netgalley, reviewed, and pub-2011-or-earlier-2012-tbr-pil…

Desperate Betrayal
4 of 5 stars
blog-review, book-tour, reviewed, and pub-2011-or-earlier-2012-tbr-pil…


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