Review: Taking Vengeance by M.K. Theodoratus

   Taking Vengeance
M.K. Theodoratus; Kindle Edition
Published May 11th 2011 by WolfSinger Publications
Once Mariah was a hero of the Rebellion that saved the Half-Elven from genocide. After decades of fighting with Linden, the ruler and a former lover, over his policies, she exchanges her sword of power for her healing kit,
determined to let Linden wallow in his mistakes.
When her daughter’s family is attacked by privateers, Mariah’s anger flares. She and her partner seek simple vengeance, but the privateers present a greater danger than they imagined. Mariah discovers she must find a way to
reconcile with Linden–if the Half-Elven are to survive.

This was an interesting read. It’s a short story, something like 30 pages, and you’re pretty much catapulted right into action, with attacks and wounds and death and magic…really dynamic, really really dynamic read.

The characters seemed interesting, but there’s little time to really linger on them, there’s just SO much going on, and it’s a really nice high fantasy world, but I felt like I knew too little to really have an impression on things; was this part of a series of short stories taking place in the same world? Were there other reads that I should have gone through to be in the loop with the world and what was going on with the half-elves and Mariah and everything? Because I felt so rushed by all the action, I didn’t really get to make up my mind about what really interests me in a read, characters and character chemistry. They had great potential, but this wasn’t a look into their personalities much, it was focused on action, which is cool.
Do I feel the desire to reread it and maybe take my time to focus on the characters and pay lesser attention to the action since I already know what’s happening? Not really, sorry. The plot was really interesting and rich, but I felt it should have been further explored, this would have been conductive to more character exploration as well, and it could easily be a 5 butterflies for me.

Of course, if you’re into uber-dynamic action reads and high fantasy worlds, then this is for you, it’s got lovely writing, an imaginative and interesting world, all sorts of conflict and tension, some awesome fighting scenes, all packed real tight and nice in a 30 pages read.




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