Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011

Hey guys! This is our first stop in the Top 10 of 2011 extravaganza, a great event put together by Jess @ Confessions of a Bookaholic, Rach @ Fiktshun, Jaime & Patricia @ Two Chicks on Books and Lisa @ A Life Bound By Books. We’ll go through 5 days of top 10 for 2011, and since I’m loving lists generally, this is great fun for me.
It’s not yet too late to join as well, I think, if you haven’t, so head on over to any of the awesome hosting ladies and enter, hm?
So, today’s also a gorgeous top 10, because it’s…

Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011

1. Micah – Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh
2. Dayn – Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Andersen
3. Dante – The Heart of a Killer by Jaci Burton
4. Dan – Caregiver by Rick Reed
5. Alexei Boczar – Under the Skin by Nicki Bennett, Ariel Tachna
6. Brandon Stevenson – How to Worship a Goddess by Stephanie Julian
7. Wrath – Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
8. Phillip – Coffee at Little Angels by Nadine Rose Larter {if he wouldn’t die, ofc}
9. Maddox – The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter
10. Eric Northman – Sookie Stackhourse novels by Charlaine Harris [shut up, he’s the hottest thing ever to walk my dream world *mwahaha*]

*They’re put up in no particular oder, I’d love to have any of them xDDD
[have been out every night these last few days, sorry for being late on my top 10’s !!]


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