In my Mailbox #8

Hur~hur, welcome to the first IMM of 2012!! W00t w00t, first IMM of the year, totally exciting right? Right? Totally!! Why am I so hyper? Well, because I’ve had the flu or something for like 4 days, I’m coughing like my lungs are declaring independence from the rest of my body and I have the sorest throat ever, it hurts to even drink water and take the pills, let alone anything else. Totally smashing debut for the year, huh? 

You wouldn’t believe it if you’d hear my voice, I sound like Lurch from the Adams Family cartoon, haha. But, the books have been good to me so far this year, so I’m thinking popping my eyes out coughing is perhaps a reasonable turn of events, maybe…like, win some lose some? Aaaanyways…

Books grabbed since we last chatted, here we go:
NetGalley Grabs:

Review Submissions:

Upcoming virtual book tours:

Pretty good, diverse selection, all looking yummy 😀 Can’t wait to devour them xDDD
{Already read Covet by Felicity Heaton (Goodreads link) – boy oh boy, is the heat on in there!! Yummmm!! But beware, it’s a spicy adult read, not for kiddies 😉 }

So what about you guys, what bookish goodies did you grab this past week? Tell me in the comment or gimme a link to your IMM of the week!

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