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Hey guys!! I’m very happy to tell you today I’m a host for the awesome K.A. Tucker’s Asylum Blog Tour, it’s  book #2 of the Casual Enchantment Series, and I’ve already read book #1 and reviewed it here [5 butterflies read, one of my favs of 2011 btw], take a peek if you didn’t look it over yet.
K.A. Tucker and myself will choose our pick for Sofie’s actress, but we’d love it if you guys would help us make our decisions, who’d you vote for from our picks? Let us know in the comments!
Here’s K.A. Tucker for you guys:
CASTING CALL – Sofie Girard

Thank you to Livia from Butterfly-O-Meter Books for hosting me today!!! For those of you following the Asylum Tour so far, you will know that, on Day 4, fans chose Amber Heard to play Evangeline Watts and Tayler Kirsch to play Caden Jennings. Today, we are going to pick an actress to play the badass maternal vampire-sorceress, Sofie!
Finding my picks for the others were tough. Finding Sofie wasn’t as hard, for some reason. I knew I needed someone with striking features, a look that could be described as both kind and intimidating, and a woman who could pass for her mid-late twenties. Below are my picks! Livia’s got a couple picks as well… Tell us who you’d vote for from the below list!

For the role of Sofie Girard
#1 (K.A.Tucker’s Pick) ~ Alexis Knapp

Can’t you imagine Alexis with fiery red hair and light green contacts? I can. The above picture shows a feminine, classically beautiful woman who looks a bit intimidating, if you ask me.

#2 (K.A. Tucker’s Pick) ~ Amanda Crew

I get excited every time I find a Canadian to play one of my character’s roles… I’m not intentionally looking for them, I swear! And here’s another one. While Amanda is only 25 yrs old, she has an ageless quality to her that I love. Those eyes seem to be staring right through me! Like she’s a powerful vampire-sorceress or something… 🙂

#1 (Livia’s Pick) ~ Elena Satine

Livia says: There’s this subtle streak of power to this beautiful woman’s features, don’t you guys think? She has that elegance and haunting eyes…I totally see her as Sophie, I can just imagine her all dressed up in big names and looking smashing, right? Right?

#2 (Livia’s Pick) ~ Julia Voth

Livia says: Seriously, just look at her! I’m in awe of her beauty, I can totally see Sophie in her, right? Right? She’s sort of intimidating too, but in a subtle way. Plus she has that classical beauty, that bone structure in her face…*sigh*

Those are our picks! If you’ve read the Causal Enchantment Series already, let us know who your favourite is from the above list (and if you’ve got other actress in mind, feel free to share). I’ll stalk the winning actress on Twitter to let them know they’ve been chosen by US!

If you haven’t started the Causal Enchantment Series yet, what are you waiting for?! ANATHEMA is currently FREE on Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony, and Smashwords! The newly-released 2nd book, ASYLUM, is only $2.99.
As well, follow along with the tour for all kinds of fun and interesting posts, short stories, interviews, a vlog, and enter ebook and physical copies giveaways! Here’s the link to the blog tour event page, read the details for the giveaways and enter using this form once a day!! (xD).

We’re also announcing one of the winners for an ebook is: Jaydee Dusenberry

ENJOY! And thanks to Livia from Butterfly-O-Meter books for having me here today. [Livia’s note: The pleasure is all mine! xDDD ]


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