Review: A Midsummer Night’s Sin (Blackthorn Brothers #2) by Kasey Michaels

      A Midsummer Night’s Sin (Blackthorn Brothers)
Kasey Michaels; Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published November 22nd 2011 by HQN Books
Meet the Blackthorn Brothers—three unrepentant scoundrels infamous for being mad, bad and perilous to love.
Handsome as the devil and twice as tempting, Robin “Puck” Blackthorn lives for the pleasures of the moment. His only rule—never dally with an innocent woman. But when an encounter at a masquerade ball leaves him coveting the one woman who refuses to succumb to his charms, Puck realizes that some rules were made to be broken….
Scandalized to discover that the masked man with whom she’d shared a dance—and a forbidden embrace—is in fact the ton’s most celebrated rake, Regina Hackett vows to keep her distance. Yet when her cousin vanishes, it is to Puck that Regina must turn. And as they embark on a dangerous journey through London’s darkest alleys, Regina will discover that beneath Puck’s roguish facade lies a man who will stop at nothing to protect her—or to convince her to take a chance on an unrepentant sinner.

What a great thing it is, when an intriguing story meets charming characters under the loving lead of good writing and delectable wit! I’ve had SO much fun reading this book!

It wasn’t really a midsummer’s night sin since it’s midwinter more like right now, but it certainly was a night’s sin, I’m writing this at 11 AM after a sleepless but readingly rich night (yes, one is entitles to create words whenever the inspiration strikes, lol)! I just couldn’t stop reading it, I was having too much fun to take a break for mundane issues like sleeping and such.
What I liked the most was how the chemistry of the main couple was built; though this a historical romance, Regina is not exactly the ever-trembling flower eagerly awaiting to be picked, and Puck is not your regular knight in shining armor trotting in on his white stallion to save the day; though there was of course some delicious tension to their relationship, the mystery wasn’t if they did or did not fall for each other, or if they would or would not want to fight to remain together – no sir! The mystery was decidedly more along the lines of crime-mystery then romance-mystery, though of course there were things to surpass and hardships to be conquered in order for our darlings to have their happily ever after.

Puck was completely irresistible, though his brother Jack was every bit as much a charmer, and Regina was fun and witty and a great match for the darling Mr. Blackthorn. I could distinctly see types of characters perfectly suited to their time-frame, and yet each one of those types was a character and not a type, you know what I mean? They felt totally real, and vivid in a way I completely loved. Of course, the theme of the evil father standing in the way of his daughter’s happiness and plotting to marry her off like negotiating cattle in the market was taken a step (or two) beyond in our case, I mean Mr. Reginald Hackett was something like the daddy of all villains, like the North Pole of villains or something, and in this particular case I was definitely not rooting for the villain!!
I will admit to fancying Jack quite a bit though, and he’s pretty bad-boy style, a dude of sharp words and swift action, something that seems to be running in the Blackthorn family…xDD

But much as I liked the characters, the plot, (the disguises – especially the wart moment, I was so laughing right about then picturing that scene), what I liked the most would have to be the writing, that classically beautiful style, particularly Puck’s voice I will admit, I totally and absolutely adored that. For me this was a perfect mix, a crime-mystery with witty and unexpected investigators, beautiful wording, fun characters, old-school sigh-inspiring metamorphosing romance – the works. A lot of fun!!
If you like any of the before mentioned, but even more so if you like them all, I say give this darling novel a try, I’m thoroughly glad I did!



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