Guest Post: Mitchell Maxwell

For more than a year now I have tried to make the career change from producer to author. It has been going well my first book was well received and is gathering momentum and my second novel is finished and waiting for release. I have enjoyed the transition as it allows my creative juices to take flight without the myriad personalities acting out and it allows me to tell a story without dealing with divas and budgets and the stakes of a Broadway show.

Nevertheless I was back at pre production today for a new musical that opens this spring. And it was both glorious and frustrating. The musical director, choreographer, my assistant director and the composer all sat in an empty theater lit simply by a ghost light and talked through the shape of the show. Its content, conceit approach and overall character of the piece. It was freezing. The meeting was chock full of brilliance and equal amounts fear and insecurity. It’s the nonsense of the theatre ideas have to come from somewhere and they can’t all be good. Ideas in the arts are like mining for gold –one winner can make it work make you rich make it all worthwhile.

We fought which is silly because we have a long road to travel but in doing so we found little nuggets of gold little acorns that will grow into large stunning oaks. So although I want to say good bye to all the insanity I guess I’m not ready to leave completely. Its like a crazy relationship which you can’t let go of because the sex is too good. So I’ll write, I’ll direct and all the while I’ll hope to remain sane. It is all part of the process the challenge and the joy.


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