Guest Post: The world through the eyes of a murder mystery writer by Dawn Ireland

About Dawn Greenfield Ireland:
Dawn Greenfield Ireland has been writing stories since attending summer camp around the age of seven. To date she has five completed novels (science fiction and contemporary), 15 completed screenplays (one optioned in 2009) and as many scripts in various stages of completion. Dawn is the author of two award-winning self-published books: The Puppy Baby Book (hardcover) and Mastering Your Money (print and eBook). Many of her screenplays have won awards. She spends her days editing and formatting engineering documents as a senior technical writer.
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The world through the eyes of a murder mystery writer by Dawn Ireland
I challenge someone to show me one day in recorded history where no one was murdered. I am willing to bet you won’t be able to find any such day, anywhere on the planet where a murder did not take place. We are a passionate species. Killing happens even in sacred places, which to me means that man has no compunction about desecrating a sacred place with murder.

People are killed out of passion. Most of the times, when you hear something in a news story, it is so preposterous it is hard to believe that it took place. But every day there is a bizarre story about a killing that took place, or luckily, was found out in time to save the intended party.
It’s all about love triangles. Man/woman/man, woman/woman/man, and every combination your head can think up. Even if there doesn’t appear to be a triangle at first inspection. As long as one character has it in their head that there’s a triangle, unrequited love can drive an unbalanced person over the edge. And then you have to consider “unrequited love” as a whole because, sometimes, someone could have an unhealthy focus on a person without the other person having a clue.
I think that’s the most dangerous type of fantasy there could be: obsession from afar – but not physically stalking the intended. Someone sitting and stewing about “their love” year after year while the other person doesn’t even know they exist, or barely knew them to begin with.
This flawed character, our future murderer, holds down a day job, performs his duties well, is considered reliable, trustworthy, even commended for a job well done – all the attributes that would keep him off any “suspect” list. He’s an average guy – helps old ladies cross the street, gives a buck to a bum.
However… this person that we thought was so balanced is rotting inside with want, lust, longing and some type of duty to “protect” his love from that which stands between them: her husband – even if hubby is a wonderful guy, a pillar of the community, treats his wife like a princess and would never step out of the bounds of matrimonial commitment.

From snippets of information overheard and out of context, or garnered from online snooping, our guy interprets all of this information into something that is way out of proportion of the actual facts, and he is affronted by what he determines is a terrible thing for his love to have to endure. He must rescue her! At all costs!
The elaborate plan is born, plotted, tweaked, practiced a few times, and in most cases, a call to action takes place and the plot is played out. The triangle is now broken and finally… the killer is free to approach and love his intended!
There may be another character that is just quirky enough to have the finger pointed at them, thus giving our real nut-job of a murderer a chance to slink under the radar of the police and media. He’s safe for a while and drops his guard. He really isn’t too smart anyway, so in the end he gets caught in the web.

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