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Hey guys!

Q: Define what characteristics your favorite books share. Do they all have a kickass heroine or is the hot love interest the Alpha Male?

For me, it’s gonna be the kickass villain. It can be a kickass alpha chick or a kickass alpha dude, I don’t much care. It’s not about gender, it’s about attitude and character. And I like mine all gutsy, intense and unrepentant, lol.

What about you? Check the end of this post for the linky list of blogs to hop through.

A quick note, today the Spread <3, not Hate! event takes place, check it out and join in maybe? I'd love you if you would spread the word or the links of posts you find inspiring to people who have been bullied or who tend to bully. You never know what might change someone's mind about something, so you should never stop trying. :)
Check it out:

Spread Love, Not Hate

Now, since I’m a book blogger myself, and participate in meme’s and blog hops and stuff, I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts (useless as they might be, lol) on some blog-ish stuff.

So, right now, as Parajunkee’s #FF will show you or has showed you, there’s some migration going from Blogger to WordPress. This is not what we’re going to discuss though if you’d like I could always give you my 2 cents on it anytime, you only have to ask. What we’re going to talk about is:

Following Options.

Because as we all know, or are bound to find out, GFC is going to go R.I.P. for non-Blogger blogs. So this leaves us, follower-fans in a bit of a tough place, or at least it does so for me even if I don’t intend on moving my blogs from Blogger at the moment.

What I’m about to say is going to make me look sucky perhaps, but it’s my truth so I won’t poppycock it. I don’t want to subscribe by email to 100 blogs, I’m sorry. I follow a lot of blogs in many ways, but receiving email updates is not something that works out for me.
Why? Book blogs tend to be very active; like one post a day if not more, if they’re really into it (and many are). What that leads to is, on top of all the emails I get every day (I’ll make you a list if you want, but they get to a solid number believe me, and my blog is a small one!), 100 post updates daily is going to drive me literally insane. So email updates are out for me, because I’m not primarily a reader, I’m primarily a blogger and secondarily a reader. That means on my to do list for any day my reading books comes first, my blogging about them comes in tow, and reading what others have said about other or the same books comes after that. Am I the only one thinking that way? If I am, feel free to ignore my useless ramblings, lol.
I’m sure these are not the only options, but I’m just naming the ones coming to mind.

1. Feedburner

Just because GFC is out if you went to WordPress, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a Feedburner working it’s magic for you. Your theme has a traditional RSS icon incorporated? Groovy. I use Google Chrome as a primary web browser, so your RSS that shows up like :


or similar shows up as a bunch of senseless text for me and that’s the end of it. It works fine in other browsers, but in the one I’m using it’s basically useless. Could I open a new browser just to log in to all of my accounts and subscribe to your feed? I could, yes, but the question is will I? Will all the other Chrome’ers take that time to subscribe to your feed? My policy in such circumstances is why take the chance of finding out they won’t? Give them options! Like adding a Feedburner icon or text link to your sidebar, aside all your counters, Team X stickers, and whatever else you’ve got. Maybe place it strategically near your social media icons, which I’m going to presume are in a really accessible and attention-grabbing spot on your blog, because you want people to notice and not ignore them. So put up there a Feedburner icon too, while you’re at it. Your readers will love you for it, I know I will.

I’ll tell you why I love Feedburner, and why you should love it too: it gives your readers options about how to subscribe to your blog. Options are the vital element here, if you ask me. A simple “Subscribe by email” option won’t work for me or possibly for others like me, I’m sorry. If you have no other option for me, I’m most likely not going to subscribe; I would love to have a non-invasive way of staying up to date with your updates though, so Feedburner would be the number one solution I’d point out.

And, you can post your feed updates to places like Twitter and Facebook, and show off the number of your subscribers via this cool little counter they have, there’s tones of options for doing tons of stuff. I heartily recommend using this option.

2. Google Reader

Google Reader is also something I love. It’s included into the Feedburner options, but you can put it up as an option on it’s own from what I’ve seen. I followed a few sites that had a Google Reader icon up in a visible  place on their blog. Follow/subscribe problem solved. How to add this separate option? Easy peasy, use your Google Webmasters option right here. Need other options? Search Google for a tutorial on how to, trust me, there’s tutorials for bending your spine backwards, you will find one for these sorts of topics guaranteed.

3. Facebook NetworkedBlogs Follow Widget

If you have set up a NetworkedBlogs account for your blog through Facebook, you can always place the follower widget on your blog’s sidebar. I personally only subscribe through it for blogs hosted outside of Blogger, because it’s yet again a non-invasive option for me to keep up to date with your stuff. But I need to be selective about the blogs I want to subscribe to in this fashion because there’s a limit of 200 blogs you can follow and write at the same time with a free account. I dunno if having a paid account solves that problem, but I’m not about to get one even if it is.
So if your blog has this option available and the only other option is Subscribe by email, I’ll go for this, but I’d much rather have other options as well, just saying. You’re killing another NetworkedBlogs blog’s chance to be followed by me because you’re not offering me any other options :p

4. Facebook Fan Page Subscribe Option

Did you know a Facebook Fan Page gives that option? Scroll down under the Likes icons, look for the blue text on the left side of your menu, way waaaay at the bottom. See that Get updates via RSS text?
Yeah, clicking it in my Chrome browser brings me a ton of text and no action, yet again, but others viewing your Fan Page on some other browser can still subscribe via that link. It’s not really a top notch option if you ask me, but since we’re on the topic of possibilities I’m just mentioning it. If you have Fan Page, and no other follow option, mention somewhere that your fans have this option available as well, some might not know about it and might like to use it.

5. BlogLovin’

Yes, yet another free tool for you to use. As a subscriber you just sign up for a free account, and then you can follow any and all blogs that have set up a BlogLovin’ option for you. You can decide if you do or don’t want to receive daily prompts about updates, so you can yet again keep track of your favorite blogger’s updates in a non-invasive way.
So, fellow book blogger, you might want to consider giving me this option. I will use it if it’s available to me, and you can show off your follower numbers just like with Feedburner to impress those publishers. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s pretty straightforward. Give it a try.

I have read some opinions similar to:

 “I don’t want to fill up my sidebar with all sorts of subscription options and widgets and stuff making my sidebar look all busy and ugly.”

Fair enough, it’s your blog, your option. It’s my option to subscribe or not, as well. If you’re trying to push into the Subscribe by email option alone, you’ll find I don’t like that sort of pushy attitude and will not subscribe.
Will I subscribe by email for the blogs I’m totally hooked on, like Rachel’s or Alison’s or others? Yes, I will. Will I subscribe by email to all other blogs that participate in the weekly feature just because they’re not giving me any other option? No.

If you’re featured on the awesome Parajunkee and Alisan Can Read’s Follow Friday and you’re thinking I have to follow you through your one-way option, keep this in mind: the blog hop will be there next week, and the week after that, and the week after the week after that, I have participated in it for months will do so for months, I might as well skip one week and it won’t be the end of the world… you’re only featured once though, you might not want to miss out on all the opportunities this might give you, hm? 🙂
Just my thoughts.

That being said, thank you for your time!


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