Review: Cassandra’s Heart by Yasmina Kohl

 Cassandra’s Heart (Magical Ways)
by Yasmina Kohl;
Editions: Ebook
Published August 2nd 2011 by ICB Publishing (first published July 29th 2011)
Source: review copy
Cassandra St. James has lost her true love, or she thinks she has. Cassandra’s friends are trying to get the empath to learn to live again.
James Austin never looked for love because he never thought he’d find it. James just wanted to find a better way of training a shy colt.
Neither was looking for the other, but someone decided to put them in each others way.
Trying to clear his mind James watches as a sad and lost Cassandra wanders in the park. He knows he should be thinking of Sparks, the colt, but he can only think of the sparks he feels from the brunette.
Cassandra knows she needs to move on in her life before her gift of empathy takes too heavy a toll, but she doesn’t want to acknowledge the feelings that are stirred by the handsome man in the park.
Can they find their way to each other?Goodreads blurb

I really, really liked the idea of this story. I really liked the idea of the characters as well, and the writing itself was entertaining and accessible. All of these were big pluses, but I’ll also tell you what the minus was.

Reading this story made me think back on a lot of original fiction/fan-fiction I’ve read over the years. Yes, I do read that as well as published books. As a stalker reader of online fiction, I can honestly tell you I’ve noticed a common trait between some of the stories I loved reading: the idea of the story was awesome, the idea of the characters was awesome, but the writing process itself felt somehow rushed though really, really entertaining. I don’t know if I’m making myself really clear here… *sigh* Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all online fics are that way, but some of the ones I read seemed to fall into those lines. Like they had been written for the sheer fun and joy of writing, for an audience that comes expecting to have fun with a light read of a story they’re very much so into.

Anyways, while reading this story I felt like I often did while reading some awesome original fics online. Without there being anything wrong with the story or anything, my first reaction was “Wow, this could be developed into a really awesome novel!”, you know? I felt it lacked some layering, some texturing somehow. While reading it I kept thinking this is an amazing idea-draft for a novel to be worked out of. Like reading conceptual writing; if your novel would be a building, state of the art architecture, for instance, this felt like the conceptual planning of the architect, the fun, interesting, creative ideas put together. But from there to the building itself there’s a lot of masonry to be done, tedious work like building the structure and calculating the resistance of materials and fitting your beautiful ideas into this finished product.

Was it a fun read? Definitely. Was it a quick and fun read? For sure. But it could have been an amazing read, in my opinion, it was all in there, waiting to be developed.





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