Review: Much Ado About Rogues by Kasey Michaels

Much Ado About Rogues

by Kasey Michaels;
Editions: ebook, paperback
Published March 20th 2012 by HQN Books (first published February 21st 2012)
Source: netgalley
Meet the Blackthorn Brothers—three unrepentant scoundrels infamous for being mad, bad and perilous to love.Who is the darkly handsome Don John “Black Jack” Blackthorn? With his air of mystery and menace, the whispers about him hint of highwayman or government agent or even dark prince. But no one knows what it is Black Jack does…or how dangerous he can truly be. Now Jack’s mentor has disappeared, and Jack must track him down before it’s too late. His unlikely help: the man’s daughter—the very woman Jack had once wooed and betrayed.Lady Tess Fonteneau knows more about the fine art of clandestine activities—and about the mysterious Mr. Blackthorn—than he realizes. As their journey leads them on the adventure of a lifetime, their reunion is fraught with passion, high-stakes danger and the one twist of fate Jack never saw coming….~ Goodreads Blurb

*sigh* This is the third and last book of the Blackthorn Brothers series. I’m sad to see it end because I so much enjoyed these guys and their lovely wives. But as far as series ending go, this was a sort of a bang for me. If you’re going to go out, go out in style that’s what I say.

Black Jack is the bad boy, ‘black sheep’ of the family, or so his brothers like to tease him. If you ask me, the black sheep of the family has always been that horrendous creature Adelaide, but if you haven’t read these lovely novels here I’m not going to explain why. I just hate her, gaah. Moving on.
The plot of this novel was similar in fashion and style to the plots of the first two novels of the series, though it felt different. I was expecting it to feel different, because after this was the story of Black Jack, a rather dark and moody rogue with something of a brilliant mind. So reading this novel completely filled all my expectations and went even beyond. Where the first two novels were more lighthearted and made me snort or lol often, this one was a more intense read. Jack and Tess go through some dramatic moments, and I know what you’ll tell me, so did the other two brothers with their to-be brides – but this novel felt considerably more dramatic.

Yet again we have the theme of the villainous father, scheming and plotting and rather disregarding his daughter, and also the theme of the lying, selfish and shallow mother, a powerful duo if you ask me. These are going to be characters you’ll love to hate, I know I did. The sense of mystery is running rampant here, and we’re again entertained with well thought out plans, disguises, intrigues. A lot of them, if I may say so, and somewhat taking the main spotlight here though you’d expect the romance angle to be the star of the show. It’s in there, one of the main themes, but not the only one. This to me was a really good thing because I love me some mystery with my romance reads, this is the best combo when sprinkled with witty characters and good humor. I can however see how some might feel this last book is a bit too different from the other in the series, since it has a more dramatic tone, a more mysterious plot and a couple more victims.

The characters are my favorite ones from the series, honestly. You saw that coming a mile away, didn’t you? I mean, Jack is like the prototype of characters I fall for. Dark, smexy, take-charge sort of guy, confident and with a wicked sense of humor. Yummy, ladies, let me just say yummy. Tess was also a sort of woman I love to read about, smart and observant and powerful enough to love someone deeply. If you ask me, that’s where you’ll see real power, not in wielding swords and handling pistols or knives, but in being able to love someone deeply. That’s by far the scariest thing and the shakiest ground. But Tess loves Jack, and the man loves her.
Their affair doesn’t really fall into a pace on its own, they have to work at it. They have to overcome their own private demons before being able to welcome each other in all the way. And this, my friends, is the part I loved the most about reading this book. Perhaps because I always favor the “tortured characters”, the very conflicted, the intense. These characters are all that.

The writing was just as fab as in the other two books, if not even better for me because of the tensions going on in the plot. The author’s talent in depicting tension and humor in clear and exciting scenes is a true pleasure, and after reading a couple books by her I know I could very well read them all and I know I’ll love them all. Beautiful reading.

All in all I completely encourage you to read this if you love regency romance, charismatic characters and thought-provoking plots that really do keep you on the edge of your seat. This romance series goes out with a Boom!, and you should give it a try.

Do you like reading about rogues? They have that sort of villain-ish but not quite charm, don’t they? Gimme a title of a rogue romance sort of thing, I’m starting to warm up to them xD

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