Hoppity hop Galore #16: Bad reviews I bought the book for…

Q: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

Ohoho, plenty of them. I’m the type of review reader that will want to read books that provoked extreme reactions. So a 5 star review and a 1 star review or a DNF that specifies why it didn’t work out is very likely to get me shopping for that title.

But see, I’m a bit of a special (mental) case, because titles I like aren’t available to me though a library. So it doesn’t make a difference if I want to just read it to check it out for myself or if I’d want to buy it, either way I’d have to buy it. If the book would be available to me though a library in its original form (which it never is…*sigh*), I’d get the book to read only and check it out that way. If I’d like it then yes, I’d buy myself a copy of it. I don’t much like books that open themselves to every Joe and Jane anyways, if I like it I wanna own it, lol 😀 Yes, I am weirdo, so sue me, lol.

But whatever the review is, good or bad, authors all around need to understand this: if it wasn’t for the review, whatever rating it gives the book, I would most surely never hear of it. I wouldn’t want to read, buy or recommend it, I wouldn’t care and I wouldn’t know. So for all those reviewers haters out there, keep in mind no review will make up anyone’s mind about a book, it will either make one curious about it or not. And in any of the two cases, it would have put your book up on the map for that particular reader, maybe some of their friends and social network too.
The best thing you can hope for reasonably isn’t for everyone to love your book, but for a lot of people to know about it. That’s my humble opinion.

So what about you guys? A love/hate review will make you ignore the book or want to read it? 


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