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About the Author:

I am a new author, the current series I am working on is The Grey Wolves Series. It is a teen paranormal romance genre packed with adventure, action, romance, and everyone’s favorite…werewolves! The first three book in the series, Prince of Wolves, Blood Rites and Just One Drop are currently for sale on Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble for Nook, and Smashwords.com. I am currently working on Book 4 Out Of The Dark and hope to have it out Summer of 2012.

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1. Tell us a bit about the world of The Grey Wolves series.
The Grey Wolves Series starts out with Prince of Wolves, here we meet Jacque Pierce, her two best friends Jen Adams and Sally Morgan. 3 ordinary girls living in Coldspring, TX. Their summer is winding down and rumor has it that the neighbors across the street from Jacque are having a foreign exchange student from Romania live with them. Of course since Coldspring is such a small town any news is big news. Jacque and her friends want the scoop on the new student. Turns out he’s tall, dark and incredibly handsome…and furry. His name is Fane, and he is the prince to the Romanian Grey Wolves. He arrives in Coldspring and within minutes of stepping out of his limo he faces his destiny.

Blood Rites-Book 2 is a continuation of Fane and Jaque’s story. Just when we think they are going to get their happily ever after circumstances and people with their own agenda step in attempting to destroy all the Fane and Jacque have built. One of these people happens to share a pesky little thing called DNA with Jacque. We also begin to see another relationship building between sassy Jen and brooding Decebel, the Beta to the Romanian pack.
Just One Drop- this begins Jen and Decebel’s story. Blood Rites end’s with the question, is Jen human? Just One Drop answers this question and introduces readers to the path Jen must follow. Jacque, Fane and Sally are still very prominent in this story, and many new friends are introduced. In Just One Drop Jen and the other single pack members are required to attend The Gathering, something that hasn’t happened in over a century. But trouble, deceit, hatred, and envy are all brewing. We will travel through this journey with Jen only to come to a maddening cliff hanger.

Out Of The Dark- Book 4 due to release on June 7, 2012 is the continuation of Jen and Dec’s story.

2. As a Romanian I just have to ask, what made you go with a Canis Lupis from Romania? And how did you pick Fane’s name, it’s actually the first Romania-tied character that has a very Romanian name I read about 😀
I love the rich history and mystery in Romania. The myths and legends are very intriguing to me. I thought it interesting to do were-wolves from Romania instead of the usual Vampires. Fane- from the translations that I found means Crown and his last name is Lupei, which is wolf. So his name is Crown Wolf, which I thought was really cool since he is the prince of the Romanian Canis lupis

3. What are the 3 things Jaque Pierce would take on an island with her?
Jen, Sally and because Jen would make her, a life time supply of tampons. LOL

4. What’s up with Vasile (another very Romanian name, hurrah!), tell us a bit about him and his background.
Hmm, Vasile. Well again his name from the translations I found means King. So his name Vasile Lupei means King Wolf. He is the Alpha, the most powerful Alpha in the world, to the Romanian Grey Wolves. His father before him was the Alpha. I don’t want to give too much away because we will learn some of Vasile’s story in Out Of The Dark. Vasile is wise, giving, firm and loving. He protects what is his, he cherishes his mate Alina beyond all things. He wants the best for his son, and strives to be an example to Fane of how an Alpha should care for his pack and his mate. He is an amazing man. I think at some point we will get to see his and Alina’s story. Their love is one told at bed times to the little girls who long for love and to little boys who long to be hero’s.

5. What makes him relevant to the story?
Wolves are a hierarchy system. Within the pack the strong lead, the weak are protected. With were-wolves you have all of the wolf traits, but you add human intelligence and emotions. Without a dominant Alpha to control them, an Alpha to love them and care for them the Canis lupis would rip each other a part. Vasile is an example to other Alpha’s that you don’t let power go to your head and you protect those under your care. He leads by example, he leads by serving and he is willing to lay his life down for his pack.

6. What are the top 5 songs Jen loves?
E.T.- Katy Perry
Strip Me- Natasha Bedingfield
Dynamite- Taio Cruz
Angel- Natasha Bedingfield
When You Find Me- Joshua Radin

7. What sparked your passion for writing about werewolves?
Before Twilight, I was an Anne Rice fan. Brauhm Stoker’s Dracula poster was on my wall in high school. I have always love paranormal. It wasn’t as big when I was in high school. Now as an adult there are tons of YA paranormal books. I love reading them and werewolves quickly became my favorite. I have always wanted to be a writer, it only made sense to write about something I really enjoy.

8. What new things stuck to mind from the research for this series?
The different meanings of the names for my characters. I have loved finding them and their meanings.

9. How do you see your series evolve over time?
What I’ve seen so far is just the improving of my writing. But also the character development from book to book is so cool. It’s like with each book we go deeper with each person. We see what has made them who they are and who they will be. I think that by the time the series ends it’s going to be like saying good bye to old friends because that is what they will feel like.

10. What can we expect from book 4? Can we persuade you to give us a couple of teasers? 😀
Out Of The Dark- Book 4 due to release on June 7, 2012 is the continuation of Jen and Dec’s story. Will Decebel be able to get to Jen in time. Who is assisting Thad, the Serbian Alpha in his plans to destroy those he feel are his biggest threat, and who is Rachel? Is she here to help or hinder? Lines will be drawn, good and evil will be defined in the hearts of those who thought they knew the difference. Decisions will be made that will cause some to wonder where their loyalties lie and centuries of history will be uncovered and brought back into the light, things that should never have been forgotten.

Excerpt Chapter 5

Decebel watched as Vasile and Alina came into the back room. Following them was Sorin Skender, and then others that smelled like pack, but he had no memory of. He noticed the healer and the red head kept sneaking glances at him. It was obvious they knew him, but no matter how hard he tried they remained black voids in his mind.

“Alright, daddy-o. Let’s get this party started.” Jacque clapped her hands together, punctuating her obvious eagerness.

“Fane.” Vasile’s voice was a warning.

“Luna, sit,” Fane growled at Jacque.

Jacque glared at her mate, but acquiesced while murmuring, “You are so going to pay for that later.”

Fane groaned. “As my bonded mate you have way too much power over me.”

Jacque laughed out loud.”That, my love, is because you are male and therefore easily distracted by all things female. Which works to my advantage when you are being a butt head.”

Fane chuckled as he tugged a strand of her hair in mock retaliation.

Meanwhile, a semi-circled formed around Vasile and Alina at the front of the room. As everyone got settled in, Costin took the wall directly behind Sally, looking every bit the role of sentinel. A fire burned directly behind all of them in a large stone fireplace casting shadows over the room adding to the mystery that held them all captive.

Excerpt Chapter 6

“It was kind of rocky at first. Alpha males are extremely possessive and can be pretty intense about their mates. He didn’t want to rush things, but everything in him told him to complete the bond and the Blood Rites. After we talked to my mother some more and after spending time with Gavril it was clear to me that I loved him. That I was made to love him. We were bonded over 3 centuries ago.”

“So it’s pretty safe to say that, um, these fur balls don’t have commitment issues?” Jen joked.

Rachel laughed, and the musical sound was a pleasant break from the turmoil rolling inside of Jen. The longer she was unable to connect with Decebel the more desperate she was beginning to feel. She took a couple of deep breathes, wincing with each as her abused lungs expanded. I can do this she thought to herself even as she felt darkness pushing inside her mind where Decebel should be. She not only could do this, she had to. Because not seeing Decebel again after finally having their bond was unacceptable to her.

11. And the regular Q of all interviews, have any exciting writing projects you’d like to work on aside this series? Give us something to look forward to.
I’m considering doing a spin off from this series on the Gypsies. Book 4 will get more into that part of the story, but I think it would be a really new and fresh direction to go. But that’s all I’m saying 😉
Thanks for your time, it’s been a pleasure! 🙂


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