Review: Darkest Caress by Kaylea Cross

Darkest Caress
by Kaylea Cross
Editions: audiobook, ebook
Published April 23rd 2012 by Carina Press
Source: netgalley
Two-hundred-year-old Daegan Blackwell is one of the last remaining Empowered, an ancient magical race. Daegan’s duty is to lead and protect his remaining Brethren in the coming war foretold by prophecy. The last thing he expects is to meet the one woman who will either save or destroy him-his destined mate.Fiercely independent Realtor Olivia Farrell believes darkly handsome Daegan is simply a prospective client. Until she’s attacked by a man with a strange aura-and Daegan fights him off, taking away her pain with just his touch. At first, Olivia refuses to believe she’s part of a magical race, yet mounting evidence and her powerful chemistry with Daegan are too strong to deny.But as Daegan’s partner, Olivia becomes a target in the battle between good and evil that threatens her life, as well as the very existence of the Empowered. And the only one who can save her is the man claiming to be her destiny…~ Goodreads Blurb

Yummy 😀 Yes, people, the awesome little guys are back, you’ve missed them, admit it! I know I have. They’re back now 😀

But we’re here to talk about this smexy read. Really awesome looking title, really really eye-caching cover – I heart the purple!! – and I jumped at the chance to read and review it when I was done reading. As a rabid enthusiastic reader of PNR, I’ve come to grow even more so interested in books revolving around diverse creatures. I loved the Empowered notion, brilliant thinking 😀

The characters were really cool, I mean I loved Olivia (not because we have so similar names, lol), her independent spirit and her bubbly personality. Daegan and his fellow Empowered buddies were really intriguing as concepts, certainly charismatic and especially in Daegan’s case, rather charming. This is not to say the others weren’t charming, but we were focusing on him and Olivia in this book.
They’re the take charge Alpha sort of guys, and I’m a fan of those, always. Plus they have this military feel, I mean they are soldiers in a war after all, but they have that uniform feel, you know what I mean. That particular feel that has our tummies flutter when we see a uniform 😀 I mean I know my tummy flutters when I see one, and that feel though subtle was certainly there.

The plot was engaging though I would say I enjoyed more the first part of the novel rather then the second, just because Olivia and Daegan’s chemistry was so intense and tense and awesome, if possible I would have loved to read only about the two of them, lol. Unreasonable, I know, but I just loved the two of them together. I feel great potential for a series here, I’m not sure if we can expect one or not, but all the elements are there.

All in all I say give this a try if you like adult PNR, the writing is fun, the characters are cool and the plot is engaging, all of which is really good, but the best part is the chemistry of the main couple. That part is my favorite.

What do you focus on when you’re reading PNR? Is the chemistry of the main couple the most important to you, or do other parts of the story actually hook you?

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