Review: Friendly Fire (Thin Air Saga #2) by Lynn Seresin + Excerpt & Giveaway

Friendly Fire (Thin Air Saga #2)
by Lynn SeresinEditions: ebook
Published by Lynn Seresin, March 23, 2012
Source: review copy
Though their love remains strong, the pressure of constant danger has taken its toll on Alice and Daniel’s relationship. Paralda’s assassins continue their murder spree in New York City, targeting girls who resemble Alice in an effort to fulfill the air king’s deadly directive. As if life wasn’t complicated enough, the couple must also fiercely guard the secret of Alice’s emergent powers and true identity from everyone–including their closest friends–to protect her safety.
Enter Ash and Terrance: two former elementals, each with their own set of reasons for transmuting to the human plane. For Ash, the material realm represents freedom and the possibility of fulfilling a forbidden wish. Terrance has only one aim in the mortal world: to win Alice’s heart. And it seems he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goal.~ Goodreads Blurb

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Let me begin by saying this is one of those cases where my rating is a clear line between two ratings. Sigh. I like integer ratings and the scale fits most if not all of the review platforms out there, but in times like these I wish I could use fractions too. This one, for instance, is a 3 and a half sort of read.

The world building was awesome. I really love books that dare to do their own thing, going with elementals and creatures outside the “safe” area of vampires and shifters/weres. I love to see all sorts of supernatural creatures make their magic way into our reading pleasures, this diverse environment is bubbling with ideas and I love that sort of atmosphere. So this novel was, just like the first one of this series, and like some others I’ve had the pleasure of reading, an original.

One particular thing I want to mention is the writing is absolutely awesome, really accessible and with a beautiful flow, it reads effortless and it has a cool emotional vibe. Good characters can’t get the job done unless you’re giving them good writing, and the author here certainly did the writing justice. It’s age segment appropriately beautiful if you ask me and it makes it quite hard to not respond to.

The characters were quite cool too, though I wouldn’t say I really had a favorite. That’s not rare, when characters are cool and the novel is well written I’m likely to like them all bu large without loving a particular one.
The dynamic of the Alice – Daniel relationship weren’t really that gripping for me, because I’m that horrible kind of reader who loves tortured characters and tortured relationships, the protective and caring sort of tone Daniel has (when he’s not freaking out about this or that) was nice to read but not overly gripping for me. I was more into Terrance really, I’m a bad girl like that, lol.
Ash was a cool character to read about as well, I think I liked Ash more then Alice’s friends in this book. To be completely honest, these other characters I’m talking about felt a bit duller in this second installment of the series, I liked them more in the first book.

The plot was somewhat interesting, but as I’ve said not gripping. I would have liked more tension, either action or romance/identity sort of conflict, or maybe both, but more of it. I’m that sort of reader that loves tension and stuff, I find it harder and harder to get into more tale-like stories, you know what I mean? Not that this is a tale-like story, it isn’t. But I would have liked a more alert pace of events anyways.

All in all I say you should give it a try, though you might like the first book more. Second books in series are always risky things, I mean I find I often like the first more, or the third. I dunno. But it’s a cool read, and I say you should give it a try.

Excerpt (From THIN AIR):

“Ray, who are those little,winged ones tucked among the clouds over
there…and there, too?” I pointed to the tiny faces beaming down at us. They reminded
me of Puff, with their rounded cheeks, chubby bodies, and study, immature wings. I’d
believed human couldn’t see elementals, yet here were representations of newly-born air
spirits hovering over our heads in plain view.

“I know what you’re thinking, Alice. They resemble the small ones of the airy
kingdom. I thought the same thing when I first saw them.”

The pendant fixtures over the bar snapped on, angling pools of light onto its
dark, gleaming surface. Wine glasses suspended from an overhead rack caught the soft
radiance like soap bubbles. Ray wandered over and stood beside me, gazing up at the
ceiling. “They are, in fact, called cherubs. And they’re not sylphs at all, but angelic

“I haven’t seen any cherubs flying about,” I commented, frowning.

“Nor will you.” Ray smiled. “They are invisible—at least they would be, if they
were real.”

“But they are real, Ray.” I surprised us both by clutching his arm in
frustration. “You and I both know that. Our young ones look just like—”

“Cherubs. Yes, I know.” Ray patted my hand affectionately and began to walk
with me across the main room. “You do not yet understand the human imagination,
Alice. It is a wondrous thing, capable of fabricating the most fanciful conceits. Humans
have created an entire society of invisible beings called angels, cherubs being just one

“I would like to meet one.”

“As I’ve said, they’re not real, though there are human who believe they do

We’d reached the far wall beside the stage where a second lighting panel had been
installed. Ray flipped a switch and the enormous crystal chandelier suspended high above
the center of the room flickered to dazzling life.

“Ray, there’s something I don’t understand about humans.”

He smiled. “Only one thing?”

“Well, many more than one. But, on the subject of angels, if some humans believe
that angels exist even though they cannot see them, then why couldn’t they believe in
elementals, though they cannot see us?”

“Ah, dear Alice. The human mind is both wondrous and contrary. It is quick to
accept the possibility of angels, ghost, and demons, but views water, earth, air, and fire

as purely physical aspects of the material world. Science has enabled humanity to reduce
the natural world to the minutest level of understanding, but it has left no room for the

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Do you guys like stories about elementals? I find them refreshing myself, but how do you feel about them compared to more “traditional” paranormal themes like vampires, shifters, etc?




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