Hoppity Hop Galore #18:perfect vacay spot, how I started blogging & how many books I have xD

Q: Summer Break is upon us! What would be the perfect vacation spot for you to catch up on your reading & relax?

Well, I don’t have a specific place in mind. There are countless places in my country where I could go, all over up in the mountains basically. It would be up in the mountains, or if I’d travel someplace else, any country that doesn’t do summer heat waves. I hate high temperatures, really really hate them. You know those peeps that love to get a tan, and slouch around on a beach in their bikinis and bask in the sun? Yeah, I’m not one of those. If you stick me in that kind of place, I’d be like and then run away.

So gimme the chilly places, fresh air, mountains. Solitude, lol. If I’d go with family and/or friends, all you’d hear around us would be like “Livia, put the book down. This is your last warning before we steal them all and hide them away. Put. The. Book. Down.”. I swear, non-bookaholics seem to be from another planet or something.

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Q: A Book Blogger is Born: What made you decide to start your very own book blog?

Ugh, let’s see. I started blogging about, well, nothing in particular, something like a year and 3 months ago. I had gotten a site, thought I’d blog on it since a lot of my friends had gotten blogs up like 5 years earlier. Back when it was “cool” to have a blog around here, I was obviously of the opinion I’d be caught dead before doing what everybody else was doing. It wasn’t in true blogging style either, I mean they were just blabbing on about people around them, saying mean things. The cover of anonymity often helps the worst in us come out, doesn’t it? So I didn’t have a positive connotation for blogging for a long time.

When I got my site, I was basically tinkering with including a blog in a template. When I finally found a way to do it, I posted a couple of times, trial stuff. Then once I got the hang of it, I wanted to go on posting. Random thoughts, random writing. I’ve always had a diary and I rarely wrote about things happening to me in it anyways, more like a place to write random short works in. So I thought, well, let’s do that through a blog. I had some therapeutically oriented motive for it too, though I’ve loved writing for years I’ve always had huge issues with showing anyone whatever it was I’d written. Even showing my stuff to close people has always been an issue, I tended to hide my diary or my notebooks in fact. YEah. So blogging, in my mind at that point, would seem like the perfect way to work around that issue. 

First I blogged randomly, then I stumbled upon some indie-dedicated site. Reviews were mentioned there, people asking for reviews, that sort of thing. So I thought, ok, I’ve always loved reading, why not do this? I’ll blog about my trials at writing, review other people’s work in-between.
From me blogging about trying to write now and then, it quickly got to me blogging about my reads only. This was a quick progression, like a month or so. Ever since, I’ve moved places, broke my blogging into separate zones by topics. Got this book blog started and focused only on book blogging and bookish stuff with it, and moved my other spam ramblings blogging things each to their own places.

Getting ARC’s is still new to me, I mean “big 6” sort of ARC’s. I started reviewing self-pub/indie works, I still do that now. But as the blog developed I got the chance to review traditionally published books and ARC’s too, I got involved with book tours. It feels to me like I’m still supporting the small guy through the tours and my reviews, but I also get to read my guilty pleasures, sometimes as ARC’s now. That’s a heartbeat kicker to any avid reader, the notion you’re reading this sometime before others might get the chance to, sometimes even a year before. I can make people curious about a book before it hits the shelves, maybe I can stir someone’s curiosity enough to try it where they weren’t really going to before. That, to me, is a great honor. I love books, writing, reading, anything about them. As a book blogger I get to share that immense personal pleasure & joy with others, I get to mingle with people like myself.

Now I’m sort of addicted, and truly happy I started. I feel it has had some impact on my personality as well, I’m more of the shy, quiet, introvert type in person, really. But I’ve made a lot of progress through breaching that barrier between my in-person persona and my in-writing persona through blogging, now I’m more like the ranter&joker in-person. It’s a mixed blessing for those closer to me, lol. But I’m a lot happier.

So I started blogging out of some odd series of random events, and I ended up being happy. Gotta love those kinds of dynamics, right? 🙂

Book Blogger Hop

How many books do you own? This can include books in your to-be-read (TBR) pile(s) and books you have already read that are on your keeper shelf.

In total, hundreds. Many hundreds, I think. It’s scary to think about it, really.

The TBR-for-review pile is at a modest 60 now. Shut up, don’t laugh at me, I’m working hard at making it a lot smaller. My own TBR pile, books and ebooks (mostly ebooks) that I got because I wanna read them are hundreds.
When will I finally get to read them all, I seriously have no idea. Like, no clue whatsoever. I keep buying new ones without having read the ones I got last week, by large. I can’t help it, too many tempting books coming out all the time. Publishers need to come up with a time-stopping gizmo too, so I can freeze time as I read. That way, I’m confident I’d manage to read more. Yes, I know, I have issues, lol.

So,what about all of you guys? Perfect spot for Summer Break? What got you started as a blogger? How many books do you own? Lemme know in the comments or link me to your Friday hops 😀


5 thoughts on “Hoppity Hop Galore #18:perfect vacay spot, how I started blogging & how many books I have xD

  1. Livia ~ BoM Books

    Thanks 😀
    Glad I’m not the only one, people tend to go for that idyllic beach landscape. It looks beautiful, I do agree. But I’d rather have shade, cool to wrap around me 🙂 That sort of thing 🙂 

  2. R Shelton

    Yep, I’d choose a quiet-mountain-chilly-day location over a hot-beach-and-sand spot, too.

    …and I’m fortunate my TBR pile isn’t as large as yours LOL

    Happy FF and new GFC follower 🙂

    Renee @ Succotash Reviews


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