Promo: Morbid Seraphic by S.K. Whiteside (editor)

Morbid Seraphic
by S.K. Whiteside (editor)
Editions: ebook, paperback
Published May 1st 2012 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Even the divine have a dark side…Take a journey into a world where the forgotten reign as King and Queen. Explore a “reality” where the divine give meaning and substance to the concept of IMMORTALITY. These menacing tales feature beings of divinity from angels, demons, gods, goddesses, to personifications of divine principals. No other worldly being is safe. The sparkly undead and wild shaggy dogs have no place in this anthology of dark proportions.
Can you handle it?
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From Hell ~ Dominique Goodall
I Could Not Stop For Death ~ Jana Boskey

Illusions ~ Lisa Goldman
Haunted ~ S.K. Whiteside~ Publisher’s Blurb

About S.K. Whiteside:

S.K. Whiteside is a writer of Paranormal/Fantasy, Horror, and Suspense. As a full time Mental Health Counselor, she started writing in Academia but decided writing about things on the “other side of the veil” was a lot more interesting. Living in the Paranormal capital of the world makes it fairly easy for her to come up with characters, many of which are based off of real personas in her life that are so vibrant they can’t help but carry over into her writing.

S.K. Whiteside is a Fiction Weaver and World Creator. It just so happens that the worlds she creates are often filled with things that go bump in the night. A New Orleanian at heart, the Deep South often serves as the setting for her Paranormal Tales of the unknown. Her Charismatic characters and snarky banter often derive from the various personas of those she loves and the voices in her head. When not writing she spends her time telling everyone else in the world that they are completely bonkers but yet she often channels Napoleon Bonaparte. During her down time she pokes at the massive giant whom holds her captive and runs from two monsters that she swears are out to kill her. Some people call them her husband and children but she knows the truth…

For more information on S.K. Whiteside, please visit her website at or visit her on Facebook at

“Malachi landed gracefully in the alleyway next to the coffee shop. He enfolded his wings and put on his white knee length wool duster. It wasn’t particularly cold outside but a continuous cool breeze did warrant some coverage. He was growing bored. It had been a while since he was assigned to watch over anyone and the lack of occupation was beginning to aggravate him. To combat the growing feelings of loneliness, Malachi had taken to spending afternoons in a pub in lower Scotland reading books. It didn’t squelch the loneliness but it did give him some sort of comfort being near his home of birth. At least what was left of what he considered his “home.” It had been centuries since he had actually lived here, or lived at all for that matter and the last of his living relatives were long deceased…just like him.

Well not completely like him…”

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4 thoughts on “Promo: Morbid Seraphic by S.K. Whiteside (editor)

  1. Janiera

    I’m not a deeply religious person but I don’t like the angel, demon etc. trend where they manipulate  these religious symbols just to fit their stories. I may not agree with everything in Christianity but i respect it and that is disrespectful.  Especially when, their turned into sexual beings. Sorry this is such a deep comment lol but this book kind of turned me off.

  2. Livia ~ BoM Books

    You don’t have to apologize, Janiera! I personally dislike angels sexualized in stories of any kind, though I’m a bit more lenient if they’re fallen angels from the start of the story or if they’re more like demons, simply because “mischief” more or less comes with the territory, plus demons such as succubus/incubus and such are clearly sexualized by definition. Angels though…meh, not into that myself. So I agree with you on this point half-way I guess? 🙂

    But there are lots of peeps who enjoy this sort of setting, lots of readers loving angel love stories, so I feel I need to consider all reads for all porpoises, you know? Though I won’t be much into an angel love story as a generic idea, if the story/novel is written in a particular way, if the characters feel really strong and they capture me in spite of their angel nature, I’ll love that read too. I’m partial to a well written story, even if I don’t necessarily like some of the initial concepts it operates on. 

    I’m really glad you came forth with your opinion though, because I think we may be a minority, us that think angels and romantic connections don’t much connect. So I appreciate the courage you had to speak your mind about this, I’m a firm believer in making our points and stating our opinions! 😀 


  3. kpickett601

    People please read the blurb or excerpt before you consider something disrespectful. There is nothing romantic or sexual about any story in the book. None of the authors in the anthology write romance and I for one hate romance and romantic elements.  There is no anti-Christianity message nor is there anything glorifying anything offensive. The purpose of the anthology were to share stories about characters that are overlooked in favor of Vampires, Werewolves, etc. 

    It goes without saying that if this is not your type of story then please by all means don’t read it but don’t be judgmental about a book you haven’t read making others who do enjoy such stories feel bad about enjoying it. As someone who has read the book (and someone who also prides themselves on being a Christian) I enjoyed the stories.  I even shared the book with someone in my church group and they also enjoyed it. I picked it up base off another review site and even checked out the authors website. I think its unfair to say things when you are not familiar..

  4. Livia ~ BoM Books

    By “people” I’m guessing you mean me, the blog owner, and/or Janiera? 🙂 

    I find your tone interesting considering what the message you’re trying to convey is. Somehow you come off as aggressive, and I’m guessing your message here was not “go off on people who might feel differently then you do”, right? Great going there on all that acceptance vibe… 😉

    Now, I’m glad you enjoyed it, shared it, yada yada.  Kudos to you, keep at it in the same way! However, no one said anything about this title being anti-Christian or anything of the sort, don’t exaggerate and/or overreact. 
    Please keep in mind Janiera did not say this title is offensive, as she obviously hasn’t read it or addressed it per se, she’s talking about things in general (in my understanding). So am I. Neither of us is talking directly about this anthology.

    We’re not saying people who enjoy anything should feel bad about it, any more then you are entitled to say people who do NOT enjoy the same thing should feel bad about that. Get my point here? I’m not telling you what to like or why, give me the courtesy of doing the same. 

    If you disagree with us, in your quality as a human being and a reader, not as a Christian or anything else religiously-related, then please form your comments (on my blog) in a less prickly tone. Your comment reads prickly to me. My blog is not pro or anti any belief or opinion, and no-one is under any circumstances allowed to tell anyone else what they should and should not do, think or say. I am, however, entitled to moderate discussions. 

    This is a drama-free zone, keep it that way. Thank you!


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