Armchair BEA: Introductions

Hey guys!!! Excited to do this, though I wish I could have gone to the NY event in person I’m loving the blogger’s digest version, so to speak 😀 After all, us bloggers are real good at doing blog events, am I right or am I right?

So, my name is Livia, and I’m really happy to meet (or meet again) with you all 🙂 This is my first BEA galore, so any and all fail I might produce is just part of my charm, here’s to hoping you’ll learn to heart me for it 😀

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?

I’m Livia and I welcome you to Butterfly-o-Meter Books.
I’ve been blogging since March 15, 2011 so that would be 1 year and 2 months, I guess? Yeah.
I got into book blogging after I started my first wannabe site (that R.I.P.-ed in the meantime, lol). It was my first time really giving blogging a try, and it quickly evolved into talking about books since reading is something I did and do a lot. I began looking up book blogs and found out there were blogs out there doing exactly what I wanted to do, so I looked around, began socializing, studying netiquette for book blogging and such. I still think of myself as on the learning curve, since there’s always new stuff happening and going on with this community. But after a year and some of being active in this community, I can say I’m sort of oriented now at least, I guess I know my basics.
Becoming a book blogger was one of those life changing events for me. I’m extremely happy to be here with you all, it’s a true pleasure and a great honor.

2. What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2012?

Right now I’m reading The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross, but it’s been taking me like 2 weeks for some reason and I’m like 3/4 through. I love the book, I just get these odd impulses to read totally different things in the meantime. Since I started reading this title, I’ve also read like 3 other books, the Gaven series by J.C.Owens for instance. See what I mean?
Odd reading mood moment, everyone gets them I’m sure.

3. Tell us one non-book-related thing that everyone reading your blog may not know about you.

Ok, this is gonna be totally random but I was just talking about this with someone, so, lol, here it is:
I’m the slowest eater in the world, probably. It takes me a whole hour to eat a dish, for instance. Most people I know eat the same amount in like half the time, possibly even quicker. I don’t know why, but even eating a sandwich takes me 40 minutes. You know those munching breaks, like 20 minutes, or 30 minutes? I could drink a cup of coffee in that interval, eat a bagel at most. Odd, right?
And, since May 21, I’m 25 – you most likely didn’t know that :D, but you may not know is I’m probably going to be 25 for at least 10 years from here on, lol. It’s like a psychological threshold or something.

4. What is your favorite feature on your blog (i.e. author interviews, memes, something specific to your blog)?

Well, my favorite feature is actually the RAWBL, to be honest. Read-Along Weekends with Beck&Livia, it’s this awesome read-along sort of activity me and my blogging awesome friend Beck @ Vicariously! have come up with. We set titles for each Saturday, and we read it at the same time (unless something comes up, in which case we read the title until Friday of the next week), then we do reviews of the book we read and share thoughts and opinions about it.
We use Twitter for it, #RAWBL on Saturdays and throughout the week. We’ve both been swamped with other RL-things for the last couple of weeks so our RAWBL-ing has been flopping a bit, but I have every faith we’ll go at it strong again come next Saturday.

5. Where do you see your blog in five years?

Hm…hopefully, it will have crossed the 1000+ followers landmark. Numbers in themselves don’t mean that much to me, but the 1000 followers point is something of a psychological landmark, like turning 25, lol. NetGalley has influenced me a bit in this, most likely. Reading publisher’s description of what a blog’s following should be there, the 1000 is a pretty big point to them, so it’s become a milestone for me too, lol.
I hope I’ll have figured a way to have a post/day regardless of what happens in my personal life, by then. I always set up a goal of having scheduled posts for at least a couple of weeks, to have that safety net in case things get kinky for whatever reason. So in 5 years time I’ll have figured how to manage my time better, I hope, and my blog will benefit from it 😀
Also, I hope in 5 years time I’ll have managed to make more of a name for myself in the community by being able to be a lot more active all over the place. This, just like posting, is a time management issue. I suck at it, lol!

6. Which is your favorite post that you have written that you want everyone to read?

It would probably be the Authors on Reviews: To Comment or not to Comment? one I did for the event by Reading Romances. This is one of the few opinion-only-posts I’ve done on the blog, I tend to focus on the book-blog-related posts more then on purely my own opinion posts.
I have a couple of ideas to change that a bit, mix it up with more of my own ranting, something I’m quite famous for, lol.

7. If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why?

Ugh, must it be eating dinner? I’m the slowest eater in the world, remember? I’d probably keep them there for like 3 hours if we’re talking too, and that’s without stalling.
If I could though, I think I’d love to chat with Chuck Palahniuk, the man has a fascinating mind, Fight Club is one of my top fav movies/books ever. I’d also have loved to have a chat with Thomas Harris, again a fascinating mind, I’m positive.

Having dinner with a character would be problematic, at best. That’s because my fav characters are almost always villains, bada$$ perhaps, sort of scary and evil even. Like Hannibal Lecter, for instance, one of the most charismatic characters of all time for me. I’d be in serious trouble having dinner with him, even if it was at a restaurant…*shivers*

8. What literary location would you most like to visit? Why?

I’ve never actually thought about it. I live in Europe so I could spend like a lifetime visiting fabulous locations, but I’m not the travelling fan kind of person. People find this odd about me, I know, but I’m just not getting the whole appeal of visiting “hotspots”. I’m not keen on traveling at all, I’m a creature of comfort hugely, and I don’t find any comfort in hotel rooms. I can’t sleep well, eat well, do other things well when I’m anywhere but home. That’s why I haven’t jumped ship on my struggling country yet, despite it having to offer basically no chances for my future. Weird, I know.

Though it may sound strange, in my mind there’s a huge difference between writers as creative minds and writers as human beings. I’m not really curious about them as human beings, not even when I love them as creative minds. So visiting places that they loved, or were inspired by, or used in their creative act is not that interesting to me, really. I’ll just stick to reading their books in a place where I find comfort.

9. What is your favorite part about the book blogging community? Is there anything that you would like to see change in the coming years?

So far, the book blogging community or the small part of it I managed to mingle with is the best ever. One of the things I love about it is that I’ve yet to meet someone I found unpleasant or mean. Book lovers have some common traits, like all lovers of any one thing, so it makes sense that we feel great around others who share our own passions, I know. Regardless of that though, I have met some of the greatest people ever in this community and I’m utterly delighted to have managed that.

I love the diversity of this community most of all, I think. Diversity is one of my favorite things in the world, and the fact that we’re all together in our love of books regardless of where we are geographically or in any other way is something I value highly. Some people nowadays seem to put a lot of value in all those things that seem to tear us apart rather then help us become communities. Book bloggers are caring I think, they care about books, about other people, about other book bloggers, they’re all about the sharing and celebrating common values.
I think the world would be a much better place if we’d all strive to form communities based on our common passions instead of focusing on all those things that keep us apart.

So my favorite thing about the book blogging community is that it might actually save the world 😀

What I would like to change is how much time I manage to use for getting involved in the community, and that’s pretty much it. All things can probably be improved in life, but I don’t see any one particular thing that needs to be “fixed” or “fine-tuned” about this community.

10. Have your reading tastes changed since you started blogging? How?

You know, actually they did. I was a fan of very literary writing for a bunch of years, before becoming involved in book blogging. I didn’t read a lot of commercial fiction, not that I was avoiding it per se, I just didn’t get to read much of it for whatever reason. When I did, I found it entertaining, yes, but rarely fascinating. My reading began with names such as Tolstoi, Dumas, Dostoyevsky, Balzac, Wilde, Poe and such, classic European literature for the most part I guess. I used to have a lot of fun with epic reading, as well. Not so much anymore.

There was an in-between moment in my reading when I had less interest in the classic read, and a bit more in the commercial point of view, but it wasn’t too focused on either, and my reading was flagging. I was also buried in school-related reading a lot so my leisure reading suffered as a consequence. My need to read picked back up after high-school, you’d call it college I guess? University time. I began to look for fun in my reads as well as character focus, and I tended to lean towards commercial.

Since I began book blogging, I’ve been reading a lot more commercial then literary, but my views on things haven’t changed: even when reading commercial, I keep my character-driven tastes. I may like books because of plots or find them fun, but I only ever love them based on character. The books I now love tend to be a blend of the literary character driven and the commercial plot driven, so I’ll love the catchy plot hooks that show me some really awesome characters, developed well and that grow somehow.

The perfect book for me now has a reasonably developed plot that isn’t too crazy-paced (like action movies, agitated action-focused plots fail to keep my interest or downright bore me), at least one charismatic character – preferably well developed if not strongly built, and good writing – that means it’s accessible but not facile, there’s artistry in imagery and concept if not in expression, and as much as possible the line of the book overall doesn’t fallow a transparent recipe I’ve already seen in a hundred other stories.
If it’s part of a trilogy, the trilogy needs to have three books, hopefully it isn’t part of the whatever Chronicles (severely overdone) or Saga (unless it really is a saga), and it preferably doesn’t feature angels in romantic scenarios.


…Aaand that’s about it from the Butterfly-o-Meter Books for now. Tune in tomorrow for “Best of 2012” 😀

What about you guys? Answer one or more of the questions in the comments section if you’re not participating in the Armchair BEA, I’d love to know more about you!


18 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Introductions

  1. Christina @ The Literary Bunny

    Hey Livia 🙂 That RAWBL sounds like so much fun! What a great idea to do this with a friend. Have you read The Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger? If you like The Girl in the Clockwork Collar, you might like TPP as well – steampunk, werewolves, huge hats, vampires and more … 🙂

  2. Livia ~ BoM Books

    Omg, the coolness of your name! xDD
    Haha, really? That’s like 2 glasses of 250 ml, right? *ponders* It would take me less then an hour to drink that much liquid, lol. I guess I’m quicker with drinks? 😀

  3. Livia ~ BoM Books

    I officially love right now, let it be known! I saw the cover of the first book in the series, liked it, forgot to add it to my to-read list on Goodreads, and then totally forgot the title and author of it, lol! Now I’ve found it again, thanks so much!!

    I’m gonna suggest we add the first book of this series to our future RAWBL-es now that you reminded me xD It’s awesome to do the read-along with a friend, totally.

  4. Ryan

    I had the hardest time turning 25, couldn’t get out of bed for the first half of the day.  But on my 30th birthday, I was fine.  I did have some qualms about my 35th though, I think I just don’t like the number 5.

  5. Kristin Hafling

    I eat slow too lol so don’t worry that you are the only one, my boyfriend gets so mad at me when we go out to eat because I take forever. I loved reading all your answers! I hope that you have a great day!


  6. Livia ~ BoM Books

    Sigh. So glad you understand. I have issues with the 5 number too. I mean, when becoming 25 for instance, I’m thinking I should have accomplished stuff people accomplish by 30 but I’m feeling like I wanna behave more 20, you know? Lol. 

    When turning 35 I’ll have the same issue probably, I’ll be disappointed I haven’t accomplished stuff people accomplish by age 40 but I’ll probably feel like behaving 30, or 20 😀 It’s like having the age crisis 5 years in advance or something. Meh. 

  7. Livia ~ BoM Books

    Haha, that’s what happens with all my friends, relatives & co. We’re eating, right, and then eeeeeeveryone is done except me. And they keep hanging around because, well, we all have to finish eating so we can leave, but it’s only me that hasn’t finished yet, lol.
    They usually end up making me order the food right away with all the drinks, and then they order their food like half an hour later, haha. I’m a disaster 😀 

    Thanks much, hope you’ll have fab one too!

  8. Kailana

    My boyfriend takes forever to eat, too. For this reason we don’t do a lot of eating at the supper table because I just end up sitting there…

  9. Lisa

    I almost always read more than one book at once. I don’t know what it is about me. It’s just how I roll.

  10. Livia ~ BoM Books

    Haha, that’s cool too. I generally tend to finish reading a book before I start the next one, I’d be capable of staring like 10 of them and it would take me forever to finish them all, lol. But maybe I’ll try this multi-reading thing seriously, I mean if reading 10 books at the same time results in the overall shorter time then reading each of them separately, it might be a good thing 😀

  11. Melanie

    I’m just like you!  I’m always in the middle of a bunch of different books.  I don’t know why, but it’s rare that I read one book from start to finish without picking up something different- even if I really like it.

  12. Laura Ashlee

    I’ve always heard that eating slow is good. When you eat fast you don’t give yourself time to digest and itmakes you eat more or something like that. Anyway, I have compulsions to read different books at the same time all the time. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for something different.

    1. Livia @ Butterfly-o-Meter

      Yeah, in a way you do eat less just because by eating so slowly you actually get that sense of “I’m full” faster, food is already being process while you’re eating most likely, lol!
      Yeah, that’s it exactly for me too. I just get this…umf, I wanna read some of this, and some of that, and some of that other 😀


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