Character Interview: Katrina and the Protectors of Royal Blood Chronicles

Katrina, the Beginning (Royal Blood Chronicles #1)

by Elizabeth Loraine
Editions: ebook, paperback
Published August 19th 2010

As a Vampire being hunted was nothing new. Finding out that I had to save those that were hunting us was!

Katrina, a young royal blooded vampire, chronicles her life from the age of seventeen beginning in the 1800’s forward in the series Royal Blood Chronicles.

Katrina is thrust into something she never could have imagined growing up in the aristocracy of Europe. Once the fashion of the day, and girlish gossip filled Katrina and her new friends days, but their lives changed the instant their race was threatened and they were chosen as the Five, and the protectors of not only the vampire race, but all the peaceful races of the world!

If you are looking for a new, exciting vampire series, with strong female characters you’ve found it in Royal Blood Chronicles. It starts here with Katrina, The Beginning!
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About the Author:

I grew up in a small northern Minnesotan town married my high school sweetheart, had two beautiful children and as soon as we could we moved to a warmer climate. I have worked with my husband building and decorating custom homes for years. After loving every kind of vampire book, movie and series I decided that I wanted to know more. I can write a book I thought, how hard can that be? Well…. But I stuck to it and finished my first book Royal Blood Chronicles Book One in August 2009. I now have six books in the series and am about to release book two of my new series Phantom Lives. My parents always told me that I could do anything that I wanted, work hard, study and do it right. I believe that and live that way every day.

I started writing this new vampire series for teens and their moms because I myself wanted something different to read. I was tired of all the modern versions of vampire books, there had to be more to these long lived beings. Where had they been what had they seen? I wanted, no I NEEDED to know more so Royal Blood Chronicles was born! As in Royal Blood Chronicles, Phantom Lives features strong female characters and action and adventure mixed with romance, friendship and a historical backdrop.

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Hello everyone. I’m author Elizabeth Loraine and I am chronicling the life of Katrina and the Protectors in my series Royal Blood Chronicles. I have brought the Five together today to ask them a few questions so that you might know him better.

Thanks for being here. I’ve met you before, but it still amazes me how beautiful you all are. You’ve been dealing with this reaction for a very long time. Does it ever bother you? Since you’re snickering, do you want to start, Katrina?

Katrina: I think all of us just ignore the attention, I guess we always did. Of course if we need to use our wiles, we certainly have to problem doing that.

I see you all nodding so I’ll move on. Are you still working as hard protecting the peaceful races or is it easier these days?

Rosa: Easier, hardly. It’s gotten harder and harder over the years. The weapons are more powerful, leaders more corrupt and evil. No it’s not easier.

El: We have more help now. The Six are much more powerful than we are. We are all so proud of them.

I’m glad you brought that up. Since we just chronicled the breakup of your marriages in the last book Redemption, can you tell us how your relationships are now with their fathers?

Letta:  I think I can speak for all of us when I say it’s good. We all love our children and they do too. And I can see you are going to ask more about our love life, that’s not something we talk about.

All right, but I will be telling everyone as we go along in the series. How about the vampire culture these days? The obsessions we have with your race, what do you think about that?

Katrina: We think it’s funny; well it’s great, misguided with so many false hoods, but just fun entertainment.

Kate: We have fun with it too. Go to all the movies and sometimes even show our fangs. It’s sooo fun. I’m big time Team Jacob.

Really? That’s hilarious. What about Anne Rice?

Katrina:  We know vampires like those in her books. They’re still around. They’re different from us, the vampire of legend, Noctu, or of the night.

Rosa: And they’re still a problem.

Tell me what or who’s surprised you the most in all these years that you’ve been joined as the Five?

El: I think humans have been much more help than we even thought they ever would be over the years. Even government agencies help us and we help them.

You mean even now? How interesting, I don’t suppose you can tell me more.

Katrina: I guess you’ll just have to wait. By the time you get the Chronicles to modern day perhaps we can tell you more.

Well thank you all for being here, I know fans want to know more about Quinn and Damien, how are they getting along?

Katrina: They tolerate each other. Holiday’s are still very interesting.

I guess that’s as much as I’m going to get out of you right now. Thanks again for coming and I know readers can’t wait to read more about all of your exploits, and so do I.


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