Did Not Finish: Another Broken Wizard by Colin Dodds

Another Broken Wizard

By Colin Dodds
Editions: ebook, paperback
Published August 8th 2011 by Createspace (first published July 29th 2011)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: review copy
Another Broken Wizard is the story of Jim Monaghan, who really didn’t want to go back to Worcester. But unemployment and his father’s open-heart surgery forced his hand. Tending to his father and embarking on an ICU romance in the day, Jim seeks out his childhood best friend, Joe Rousseau. But Joe has problems with a local gang, and his plan to resolve the matter only makes things worse. Jim follows his friend into Worcester nights defined by drugs, guns and fistfights. And as the danger escalates, he makes a painful choice to try to save Joe. And then he has to live with the consequences.
Tending to his father and embarking on an ICU romance in the day, Jim tries to help his friend. He follows Joe into Worcester nights defined by drugs, guns and fistfights. As the danger escalates, Jim makes a painful choice to save his friend, and then has to live with the consequences.

Another Broken Wizard is a book about straddling childhood and adulthood, straddling a fading industrial home town and the information-economy of our attenuated aspirations, straddling the love for a friend and self preservation. It is an evocative portrait of Worcester, Massachusetts- both its place in the 21st century and its past.
~ Goodreads Blurb

I got to about 25% of this before giving up.

The writing is light and pleasant, accessible. It’s that sort of first person narrative that’s really focused on what’s going on with our MC and his close ones. The characters seem promising, flawed, imperfect, human. I  kept reading for a while expecting for something major to happen, but it didn’t quite feel like it did. I waited until I got to this 21% point of the read, and from there on I still hoped until I got to the 25% mark and gave up.

The story line didn’t hook me at all, I didn’t feel stirred, moved, or interested, really. I think Joe had a lot to do with that, he just gave me this off feeling that I couldn’t shake. Bleh factor, you know? And Jim didn’t charm me into being curious about himself, if he’d had then Joe would have been a good source of conflict I guess. But it didn’t happen that way, sadly.

Maybe you guys get into it, let me know if you do, hm? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Did Not Finish: Another Broken Wizard by Colin Dodds

  1. David M Brown

    Only in recent years have I started to abandon books if they are not appealing to me. Before I would see them through to the end which was a waste of time.

    Sorry this one didn’t work out for you but uneventful for the first 25% of the book would probably have put me off as well. 

  2. Livia ~ BoM Books

    You know, a couple years back I used to read through a book even when I didn’t like it, too. But since I got the book blog going, I realized that if I don’t feel any chemistry up to a significant point, like 1/4 of it, it means it’s not going to happen later either. So I drop the read now where a couple of years earlier I would have read it all only to come to the same conclusion. 
    Reading the whole book when you’re not feeling it at all can be traumatic even, lol. It’s actually what made me pause reading for a while, so now I say if you don’t feel it by let’s say 25% of it, drop it. There’s so, so much out there to read, and you have excellent chances of finding something you’ll like a lot in a heartbeat. 

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


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