Hoppity Hop Galore #20: Featuring my bloggin’ hearts xD

Today the Feature & Follow is in its 100th Week!

To celebrate this momentous occasion we are doing things a little differently today!

First things different. There is a Giveaway Hop attached to this Blog Hop. So while you are hopping around saying Happy Friday, hop on over and enter some contests! Because of this there will be two lists. One with the lists of giveaways. The other is the list of people participating in the #FF today.

Second thing different on today’s post — you have an ACTIVITY instead of the usual question. The activity is to FEATURE your own blogger on your blog. Tell us about your buddy, or even your favorite blog and feature them. You can tell them you are doing it, or you can just surprise them. Either or — it is YOUR turn to feature someone.

It’s 10 AM for me. I’ve been up for like 5 hours, my sleeping schedule has gone totally out of hand. But I’m having coffee so we’re chatting right now during my favorite part of the day, let us join our coffee cups and rejoice! xDD

Now, I’m taking the chance today to talk about two very special people, if you don’t know them yet or aren’t following them yet, I urge you to check their fabulousness out and do asap, because you’re seriously missing out otherwise!

Reflections of a Bookaholic

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic

{Oh yes, Alexis, this is gonna be all OnionHead galore, just like you like it xDDD}

I’ve known Alexis almost since the very beginning of my book blogging. She was so supportive and active on my blog back when it was on my self-hosted site, so prior to October 2011 – she was basically the only active commenter, in fact, but it never kept her from commenting on pretty much every post. It was then I began feeling like I was talking with the world, not at it, you know? She made that feeling happen for me.
She was there when my blog became 6 months old, when it became 1 year old…and she’s still here though I know she’s incredibly busy and barely manages to find the time. But she finds it still to come on over and show the love, and I cannot tell you how much it means to me.How much she means to me.

She’s inspired me a huge lot, she supported me so much back when my blog was a lot more anonymous then it is now, and she was nothing but an awesome friend every step of the way. I love her blog a lot, though I somehow manage to be a lot less active on it then I wish I’d be. I’m a failure like that, people, and yet my friends find it in their hearts to wove me regardless and stand by me. I’ve always thought that my greatest achievement is I manage to surround myself with people who are much, much greater and better then me.

This week Alexis showed me some love by allowing me to be part of her fabulous Why I love Wednesdays ~ Sidekick, and I think you should head on over to this post and read it, I’m almost sure you’ll have a laugh after reading my section of the Sidekicks praise.
I’m a goofball, can’t help it…


Beck @ Vicariously!

Beck and I met while I was stalking her blog for some reason. I do that a lot, stalk blogs – it’s part of my charm. 😀
It was a book loot post I think, and I made a comment like I’m having this crazy idea of the two of us doing a read along together of some titles we both have and feared we’d never get to read. She responded super sweetly and was so with it, we brainstormed and came up with the RAWBL, something that is very dear to my heart and that I value greatly.
Book blogging in itself is a very rewarding experience, but doing it with close friends makes it that much more amazing an experience.

Beck and I connected almost instantly, it was like we’d known each other for centuries or something. We’ve become close friends, I mean real close friends, the kind that help you get through a sucky moment and hold your hand when you’re beginning to feel somewhat lost. She’s somehow gotten this idea in her head that I’m all that, though as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not.
The fact that she woves me is proof not at all of any quality on my part but of the great generosity of her heart. She’s an amazing woman and I’m incredibly proud of her, of her plans, of the way she’s constantly evolving and expanding the already amazing capacity of unconditional love she has. I firmly believe she has an amazing future before her, and I’ll be incredibly proud of myself to be able to be there for her as all these amazing things will happen.

Her awesome book blog is 6 months old, and she’s doing a blogoversary giveaway to celebrate it. Check it out, follow her, read her – I know you’ll love her as a result, she’s super smart, talented, witty and has a great sense of humor. I love her reviews, she just has such a distinct voice, you know?

Let me be clear, I wanted to feature her not knowing or thinking she’d do the same. I didn’t tell her about it because I meant it as a surprise, so when she told me she wanted to feature me this Friday I was literally gushing with luff.
Beck honey, I luff you lots&lots!! *smooch*

What about you guys? Who would you wanna feature this Friday? Lemme know in the comments, or link me to your #FF of the week, I can’t wait to see! And don’t forget to hop around and share the joy of the features xDD Don’t forget to check out Parajunkee’s #FF post for the giveaway going on, click the #FF image to reach the post or click here!

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  1. BecAlora

    I think I’m going to cry. Leo you are just absolutely amazing. I luff you and I cannot thank you enough.


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