Review: Burn by TJ Klune

Burn (Elementally Evolved #1)

By TJ Klune
Editions: ebook, paperback
Published February 6th 2012 by Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Adult MxM UF/PNR
Source: netgalley
Set in a world that closely resembles our own, Burn is a story of redemption and betrayal, of family and sacrifice, which leads to the greatest question of all: how far would you go to save the ones you love?

Fifteen years ago, Felix Paracel killed his mother with fire that shot from his hands. Since then, he has hidden from forces bent on exploiting him and his fire and wind Elemental abilities. But Felix’s world is about to change, because he is Findo Unum—the Split One—and his coming has been foretold for generations.

Though Felix’s arrival brings great joy to the Elemental world, it also heralds a coming darkness. No one knows this better than Seven.—Seven, the mysterious man who rescued Felix from that horrible fire years ago and then disappeared; Seven, who has returned to claim what’s rightfully his: Felix’s heart. But even as Felix begins to trust Seven and his feelings about his place in the world, the darkness reveals itself, bringing consequences no one could have predicted.
~ Goodreads Blurb

Ok, first thing. I suck at trying to figure out if something is UF or PNR. If the writer/publisher isn’t telling me for sure, I’m splashing them both up there. End of story. Like, how do you pick apart between UF with some romance going or PNR with a lot of action? For freak’s sake, these things kill my head dead. I can’t pick, so there you go, things are gonna be both. Pam pam. Why did I even pick up this habit of putting up the Genre category in the book info? *sighs* Ok, now that my b!tching has been concluded, let us move on to the book, shall we? 🙂

This was one of those books that does two very different things for me; on the one hand, I was almost in love with it, on the other it just didn’t quite slide in place (that sounds…uhm. Yeah. Let’s attribute my metaphors to heat stoke. And yes, that also sounds…uhm. Yeah.)

The idea of the story was probably what I loved the most here. It was all gutsy and action-packed and tense, but also emotional and involving character development…so much going on, I loved that. Going through the plot though I had these moments when I felt like things weren’t really flowing well together, like the pace of the plot was broken by these intermezzos that weren’t bad, but that did just that, broke the pace of events. You don’t want to break the rhythm of action/tension, in my opinion, especially when you have it going on as well as the story would have without said intermezzos. In this, of course, some might feel just the opposite. Breaks may be welcomed, the hints titillating more then breaking pace. To each their own, you know, this is one of those things that’s just up to personal preference.
Strangely, though I’m generally not crazy for agitated action and generally like breathers here and there, in this case the pace of action was just good enough on its own…and then it paused here, a bit there. Intermezzo. Just when I was loving a pace of action in a plot, you know? That actually had me sighing a couple of times.

The characters were a mix of interesting and somehow…odd, maybe. I don’t have a clear word for this feel I got from them. They had this feel to them, you know, and they’d act accordingly for a bit, but then they’d do this other thing a bit of another flavor. I’m feeling the Force isn’t getting it, lol. Let’s use Seven (because, let’s face it, some of us would really enjoy that 😀 Heat stroke! I’m so bad…) as an example, he was this tough, adorable caveman-ish possessive obsessive guy – this, to me, is really hot. Roll your eyes, flap your hands, I like reading about that type. But then he’d go sort of…vulnerable, which in itself isn’t bad at all. It would make the hardcore dude real, a round character, you know? But somehow the balance between the two didn’t quite feel right, it was just this close to it but not really making it there all the way, it left me feeling somewhat odd. I’m obviously not going to be able to be any clearer here. If you read this book, you might get what I mean. If you don’t, read it so you’ll find out, lol.

The writing gave me some more of those odd, mixed feelings. There were two different tones to it, the story itself, and the intermezzos. Now, me being the odd reader that I tend to be, I would have liked both of them, or better said either of them. But if any of them would have been used throughout, you know? I don’t like mix’n’match in some things, like the direction of time in the plot and flashbacks or future-flashes or such. I just don’t like to mess with the direction and logic of time, let’s see this story move in time, in the natural direction of time. Include me in it by giving me the same dimensional coordinates, don’t pluck me out of it by giving me these flashes of past or present, it pulls me away from the story itself and diminishes my emotional involvement.

So I loved things, and other things were odd and didn’t work out for me all the way, though they did work out on some levels. Classic 3 butterflies for me. These reads tend to be either a smash with others, or a no go with some. I dunno. I say give this a try, because it’s an ambitious project, really active plot, catchy story, interesting characters that evolve, some drama, some fun, some sass.

As a warning, the one on one is quite rare and not as steamy as many other reads. When it does happen, it’s really awesome in my opinion, there’s a lot feeling there though we’re not enjoying a zoom in. But it is adult reading, so, you know…be an adult. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Review: Burn by TJ Klune

  1. BecAlora

    This book sounds confusing Leo. I kind of want to run as far away from it as I can. I love the blurb on the back of the book though so maybe? meh I dunno. But I luff you!

  2. Livia ~ BoM Books

    Beck honey, it was a bit confusing while reading it, just because it had me basically jumping between two different feelings or state of minds. But it was fun nonetheless, if you feel curious about it, try it out 😀 That’s always my advice, with all things xD
    Luff you lots!!


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