Character Interview: Brittany Bryant from The Yellow Clutch Society by Denesha Sheree

The Yellow Clutch Society

By Denesha Sheree
Editions: ebook, paperback
Published November 13th 2011 by One Tale Publishing
Genre: Adult Romance/Suspense

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something so much that you will do whatever is required to in order to enter? Such is the case with Nissi, Brittany, Sedericka and The Yellow Clutch Society. These three friends are anxious to be a part of the Yellow Clutch Society and are they willing to go the distance?
There’s mystery, drama, betrayal, illusions, deceit, steamy scenes and mind blowing twist that will have you sitting on the edge of your bed. Author Denesha Sheree, wants to tell you a tale that has never been told before and that will have you asking yourself, “Does membership really have its privileges?
~ Goodreads Blurb

What is your fascination with the women of “The Yellow Clutch Society”? 

The hierarchy, wealth, power, prestige and most importantly because there society is sacred and secret.

Talk to us about the encounter at the Lacroix Estates?  

To this day, I can’t explain the power that Mrs. Isadore had over me. I felt like I was a in a Trans or something. There was ice, there was lots of money and there was fire. My hands were damaged (She Begins to cry).  The clapping began, I could see everyone, my eyes were open, but I just couldn’t move, where are my clothing? I had no idea why she asked me to cover the door of my home with a black crepe.

Can you go into more detail of this hidden society, like where did the women’s wealth come from? 

You will have to find out yourself. But I will put it to you this way. There were gate keepers that benefitted more than others inside this society. There were secrets within the secret society. There are some things that one must find out for themselves!


My writing style is for 18+ due to its spicy content. It also falls under the category of suspense, erotica, thriller, and mystery romance.
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