Fluttering Thoughts: The Uncanny Valley by Bryan R. Dennis

The Uncanny Valley

By Bryan R. Dennis
Editions: ebook
Published October 29th 2011
Genre: Anthology / Dark Fantasy
Source: review copy

The Uncanny Valley is a collection of 16 unsettling tales that draws inspiration from old-school science fiction, horror, and dark fantasy series such as the Twilight Zone.

“A Chance in Hell” – Life is about to get worse for one troubled youth after he breaks into a house he thought was empty.
“Greet the World” – A company employee is told he’ll die if he tries to resign.
“Nox Noctis” – What would happen if one day all light ceased to exist? The characters in this story are about to find out.
“Scents of Life” – A husband has a late-night encounter with a mysterious woman cloaked in disarmingly familiar fragrances.
“The Uncanny Valley” – The war between man and machines is the least of one survivor’s problems in this post-apocalyptic future.

These, and eleven more tales, will launch you on a journey from the comforts of normalcy to a valley in which nature refuses to tread.
~ Goodreads Blurb

World Building: By large, the world of this anthology is what I’d call a dark fantasy world, it’s beautiful, daring, edgy, and outright scary in many places. The world itself isn’t a big shift from regular life, rather the nuances and characters populating it, events that unfold give the deliciously dark perspective.
Characters: The happy medium description for them, from all stories, would be interesting. Some I found utterly captivating, some a tad bit odd and a few scary.
Plot: A few of the stories were really fascinating to me, posing a series of “What if…?”-s that I utterly enjoyed. Though they all revolved around the main concept of uncanny, only a few of the plots were outright scary, like “Noah”, “Nox Noctis” and “The Uncanny Valley” – this last was especially creepy for me.
Writing: Neat, to make a long story short. The clear, straightforward style accompanies the stories well, it’s especially the imagery and atmosphere that I loved in most of the stories.
Curb Appeal: Low, I’m afraid. The cover doesn’t speak to me much though it does give off the uncanny feel well. The blurb idea did get me curious. Considering it’s a 0,99 $ read, I might have gone for it just because I got curious about “Nox Noctis” particularly.

Overall, a cool read, thought provoking and well done, it has its peaks of greatness in my opinion, like “Noah” and “Scents of Life”, my favorite stories in the collection. If you like smart stories that get you thinking, I say give this a shot, I’m glad I had the chance to and finally took it.


Do you like scary reads, with dark and fantastic worlds? What’s the latest your read and loved?


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