Fluttering Thoughts: Lastborn by Rachel Forde

Lastborn (The Sixth Cycle #1)

By Rachel Forde
Editions: ebook
Published July 7th 2011 (first published July 4th 2011)
Genre: Fantasy YA { I think… }
Source: review copy

The first installment of the Sixth Cycle series.

Nara-Ya is a pugnacious adolescent girl on the run from a powerful sorceress. Fate lands her in the company of her polar opposite, the soft-spoken Donovan Brennan, who is simultaneously struggling to lead a Resistance movement, regain a throne for a wronged King, and prevent a war between the land he lives in and the land of his birth.

Brennan walks a fine line between his principles and success; Nara-Ya, by contrast, knows what she has to do to survive, and circumstances shunt her towards the life of a fighter and warrior. However, as war looms, as her friendship with Donovan grows into something more, and as Nara-Ya is forced to confront her darker instincts, she begins to question her destiny, and is forced to make a decision that will alter the fate of their world.
~ Goodreads Blurb

World Building: Confusing. Fantasy world going on, but I didn’t feel a clear sense and direction for the settings and the places the author took us to. Some urban settings, sort of industrial revolution going on, too.
Characters: Interesting as concepts, but somehow unfinished through story action. I didn’t feel much from or for them. They didn’t evoke any feelings, though the circumstances were built for it.
Plot: Confusing, again. I didn’t get a sense of things happening in an order so we’d reach this or that conclusion, not really. As things were happening, I kept thinking, ok, and this ties in with that other how?… There were interesting elements, but I believe they would have needed to be tightened and worked more into a cursive row of events that would make sense as parts of a whole, to me it felt in places like reading sequences that led nowhere, or worse, in the middle of grand confusion central.
Writing: The style was interesting, more traditional and fantasy vibe, a bit too done, not saying flourishes were sprouting out at me but it just felt… too done, in dialogue sequences more then other. I didn’t feel tension between cultures or worlds, or within characters, I was tempted to skim through pages. What were the stakes? – I didn’t feel them.
Curb Appeal: Low, I’m afraid. The blurb didn’t get me curious about the book, the cover gives me an odd sort of vibe, like an uncertainty that the book did give me as well. Wouldn’t be an impulse buy.

All in all, this is a story that has potential, but it reads to me like it needs to be worked on more to truly be all that it could be.

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