Fluttering Thoughts: I Heard Your Voice by Tanith Davenport + Character Interview + Excerpt + Giveaway

I Heard Your Voice

By Tanith Davenport
Editions: ebook
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (October 21, 2012)
Genre: Adult Paranormal / Erotic / Romance
Source: review copy

Tamar Steele’s life was never supposed to be like this. A sensitive working with a team of paranormal investigators, she is trapped in a loveless relationship with the team’s medium, Reed James, who believes that having sex on haunted ground enhances paranormal activity. Tamar maintains their partnership for the sake of the crew, forcing herself to ignore the burgeoning sexual tension between her and fellow investigator Jason Bray.
Until one night when, alone and bored, Tamar sings to herself and is knocked to the ground by an invisible force. Somehow she is able to invoke spirits with the power of her voice. And one particular sexy, matchmaking spirit is determined to turn her life upside down.
~ Bewitching Book Tours

Bomy’s Flutter: A good short read, definitely kept my attention.

World Building: Cool, we’re dealing with some ghost busting, so to speak, mediums and investigations. Cool stuff.
Characters: Interesting, especially Tamar. They made sense and felt strong considering the length of the read, but I can’t say I felt sparks in the couple scenes, I’m sorry to say.
Plot: Quite elaborate and active for a read this short, without becoming overwhelming. I liked the story and was curious all through to see what would happen.
Writing: Lovely 3rd person narrative, I had a great time reading it. The soft hints of a British affair always delight me (the knickers replacing panties, let’s say :D), I love different voices and accents in writing. This was a fun and well done short read.
Curb Appeal: Seriously tempting, I loved the cover and the blurb got me curious. Considering the length too, it would have been a compulsive buy, I’m very into short and sweet when it looks this good. (That totally came out the wrong way, lol.)

All in all, an entertaining quicky. It was more of a 3.5 really, but a good short read, definitely kept my attention.

Interview with my heroine Tamar Steele
Interviewer: Tanith Davenport

Why did you become a paranormal investigator?
I had always been interested in ghosts, and Hana and I were part of the Paranormal Society when we were at university together. After we left, we decided to set up Tintagel Paranormal with some other society members.
Your experience during the vigil must have been frightening. Before that, what was your most interesting paranormal experience?
When I was still learning to sense spirits, I tried some scrying with a mirror. I was just about to give it up as a bad job when I saw a dark figure appear behind me. It disappeared before I could do anything, but it definitely encouraged me to keep trying.
What first attracted you to medium Reed James?
When Reed first joined the team he picked me out as a sensitive. He spent a lot of time helping me understand what I was feeling, and… Well, he can be charming when he wants. Only when he wants.
Where do you see your team of investigators going?
I’d like us to get into proper investigating of new haunted locations, rather than just the events for the customers. Right now, though, our profile isn’t high enough – if it wasn’t for Reed we’d barely break even.
How do you feel about your teammate Jason?
…Let’s not go there.

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“The car park was deserted, shadowy. They crossed to the left-hand corner, not speaking, not touching. Tamar unbuttoned her coat as they walked and let it hang open as she unfastened her jeans. As she unlocked the door, she heard a rustle behind her, but didn’t turn round. That would be Reed retrieving a condom.
Opening the rear door, she threw her coat into the footwell before climbing inside on all fours. The seat bounced beneath her as Reed crawled in behind her—then the car rocked slightly with the slam of the door.
She felt his hands tug at her waistband, taking her knickers with it, then his warm weight was on her back and her thighs parted automatically as she felt him enter her on the first thrust.
“Oh yeah,” Reed breathed in her ear. “So tight.”
One of his hands slid under her sweater, pushing her bra upwards to caress her bare breast. Tamar gasped as his thumb ran over one pebbled nipple, the sensation sparking something inside her. She ran her hand down her body to the fork of her thighs, already wet, and toyed with her soft folds.
Reed groaned, his movements quickening, his hips crashing against hers with every thrust. Clutching at the seat, Tamar pressed her fingers to her clit, moaning, her pleasure beginning to mount. She dropped her head onto her arm, muffling her cries in her sleeve as her body jolted under Reed’s, his voice echoing inside the car, oh God and yes and fuck and she was so close, so fucking close—tingling, aching, needing, yes—
“Oh!” Reed gasped and tightened his arms around her, crushing her to him. Tamar arched and groaned, grinding out her own orgasm against her hand.
For a second they were still, both trembling with aftershocks.
Then Reed let Tamar drop heavily onto the seat, rolling himself into a seated position. Tamar shifted onto her side and watched him peel off the condom—unceremoniously dropping it onto the floor – and swiftly re-fasten his jeans before closing his eyes and touching his index fingers to his temples.
“Yes. Oh, I am on fire tonight.” He raised a fist in the air in triumph. “Go me!”
Then, without another look or word, he opened the car door and was gone, slamming it behind him with a force that rocked the chassis.
Rolling onto her back, Tamar pulled up her knickers and jeans. She cast a glance of distaste at the leaking condom and climbed out of the car, wincing slightly as another stab of pain wracked her body. Reed’s ritual had done her back no favours.”

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About the Author & Links:
Tanith Davenport lives in Yorkshire with her long-suffering husband and pampered cats. Her interests range wildly between rock music and modern cinema to medieval literature and the language of flowers. She loves to travel and dreams of one day taking a driving tour of the United States, preferably in a classic 1950s pink Cadillac Eldorado.

Tanith’s idea of heaven is an Indian head massage with a Mojito at her side.


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