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Immortal Surrender (The Curse of the Templars #2)

By Claire Ashgrove
Editions: ebook, paperback
Published: September 25th 2012 by Tor Books
Genre: Adult Paranormal / Romance { PNR }

Farran de Clare, loyal member of the cursed Knights Templar, wants nothing to do with predestined mates. Even the Almighty won’t turn him into a fool again—he’d rather sacrifice his soul. Yet in the scientist Noelle Keane, a devout atheist, Farran meets the seraph designed for him.
Ordered by the archangel Gabriel to protect Noelle, the possessor of a sacred relic that could give Azazel incredible power, Farran swears to do his duty—but in name only. Fighting an attraction that grows with each day, he’s determined that he’ll never pledge himself to her.
As they war over her future, their mutual passion ignites a conflict far more damning. But before Noelle will agree to eternity with him, she demands the ultimate sacrifice – his heart.
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The Importance of History
by Claire Ashgrove

Hi all! Thanks for having me here today. I wanted to talk a little bit about history – you know that subject everyone shied away from in school, unless like me, you were one of those kids.

History is a passion of mine. I’d rather watch History Channel than movies (and often annoy SexySoldier with this). I’d rather pick up a non-fiction book than fiction almost any day of the week, and I would rather walk through old homes for an outing than I would go to an amusement part. So I’m a bit of a…nerd I guess.

But I don’t care about that! History is fascinating! Where else can you find something that was useless enough to someone else to be left in a refuse pit, but priceless enough to someone else to be put in a museum? Old coins – have you ever stopped to think about the hand that held them, or the Roman soldier who gave his life they day they were dropped on the battlefield?

Where else can you find questions that have no answers: How did cultures just up and disappear? How did people simply cease to exist? Where did cities vanish to?

History isn’t just fact, it’s a playground of mystery, and for this author, history is the driving fundamental in almost all of my books. From Paranormal, to historical, to even high-octane suspense, it’s in there. I promise.

I love looking at an old coin, closing my eyes, picturing the person who touched it shortly after it was minted. Picturing what it might have been spent on. Envisioning a child’s expression as he received his first coin for some small (or perhaps large) chore. I fancy I can feel the pain of the soldier as he took a sword to the gut. I fancy I can hear the solemn voices as they gather his body, unaware that a coin slipped from his satchel.

And boy, oh boy, do I love to create the answers to what we don’t know for sure. What happened to the Selgovae Celts? Check out my Inherited Damnation series. But that’s a story for another day.

History surrounds us, it’s there for the taking, there for the speculation. Not everything is documented in textbooks and archives. If you dig you can find simply fascinating things. Little truths that lack a linking event, that if played with just right, you can answer: What happened to the Knights Templar and just what they did indeed find under the Temple Mount? The Curse of the Templars has the answers… and a whole lot more than just simple explanations. Those poor knights had no idea what sort of ramifications forbidding digging would bring.

So what about you? What are your thoughts on History? Does it bore you to tears, or like me, does it give you a supercharge?

Her nerves chafed at his bold intrusion. But the sight of him rendered her unable to speak. She stared, wide-eyed, at the strange man who had seemed so outwardly normal only a few hours earlier. Where he’d worn jeans and a casual long-sleeved shirt, he now dressed in a costume straight out of the Middle Ages. A long white surcoat, embellished with a bold crimson cross, draped down to his calves. Beneath it, he wore a hauberk of linked chain, complete with a coif to cover his sandy hair. Well-worn vambraces on his forearms matched the supple leather of his boots. The sword he’d brandished in Mikhail’s office hung from a belt pulled so tight, it accented the trimness of his waist.

Only, where the actors she’d seen at the Renaissance festivals looked stilted and uncomfortable in their costumes, Farran wore his with the practiced comfort that belonged in the movies.
As if he wore the stuff daily.
Noelle blinked. She found her cobweb-covered tongue and managed to squeak, “What are you doing here?”
He pulled at the fingers on his gloves. One by one, they gave, and he slapped them lightly against his thigh before setting them on the small table near her door. “We are paired. Here is where I shall stay.”
The short retort was all she could find, and she sagged back against the couch cushions. She ought to be surprised, ought to be furious. But the dilemma with the torc had sapped her energy so completely she didn’t care. She’d spent the last two days with Farran. It was becoming almost natural to have him in her personal space. Besides, while she’d never admit it aloud, she’d rather not spend another minute alone and let her mind run away with possibilities.
“I shall sleep where you sit. The bed shall remain yours.” Farran’s hands dropped to his waist to give the buckle a tug. His belt fell away from his hips, and he leaned his sheathed sword against the wall. “I require a bath. Then I require rest.”
His fingers stilled over the vambrace strings. For several silent seconds he gave her a thoughtful stare. He opened his mouth, shut it. His brows tugged together. Then he let out a nearly inaudible sigh. “If you wish to watch your television, I could rest in the other room. I would remove myself when you are ready to retire.”

The bone was small, nearly tooth size. Yet Noelle realized the thrown offering in an instant. His quiet tone, the warm light in his eyes, the sheer work it took to summon the words—Farran was trying to be friendly.

Winners: Amber L & Tracey D

In case you’re wondering, I read this and reviewed it here, it was awesome!

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About the Author & Links:

Award-Winning Author Claire Ashgrove has been writing since her early teens and maintained the hobby for twenty years before deciding to leap into the professional world. Her first contemporary novel, Seduction’s Stakes, sold to The Wild Rose Press in 2008, where she continues to write steamy, sexy stories for the Champagne and Black Rose lines. Adding to these critically acclaimed romances, Claire’s paranormal romance series, The Curse of the Templars debuted with Tor in January 2012. For those who prefer the more erotic side of romance, she also writes for Berkley Heat as the National Bestselling Author Tori St. Claire.

She is an active member of Romance Writers of America, and her local RWA chapters, Heartland Romance Authors, Midwest Romance Writers, and North Texas Romance Writers of America.

Claire lives in Missouri with her two sons and too-many horses, cats, and dogs. In her “free” time, she enjoys cooking, winning at Rummy, studying Ancient Civilizations, and spending quiet moments with her family, including the critters.
To learn more about Claire, visit her on the web at, or  You can also connect with her via Facebook, and Twitter.


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