Fluttering Thoughts: The Dashing Mister R by M. Daniel Nickle

The Dashing Mister R

  • By M. Daniel Nickle
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published Published May 26th 2011 by CreateSpace
  • Genre: Adult Mystery / Retelling {some MxM Romance}
  • Source: review copy
  • What happens when someone realizes the story of his life isn’t the right story? What happens when he discovers the so-called point of no return is a fairytale? What if a person could find his way back and make things right?

    The Dashing Mister R centers on award-winning journalist Sebastian Stephens who has fled his life and career in New York City and taken refuge in his boyhood home in the Garden District of New Orleans. He had had everything he ever wanted: a brilliant career, a nice Manhattan apartment, and he was in love, though not with the sort of person he expected. The stress of the forbidden affair along with a horrific murder case neither the police nor he could solve proved to be too much and he fled. Now, years later, he receives a mysterious stranger who portends life changes for Sebastian by means of a confession the stranger wants to make about the case. The information, however, comes at a price. Stephens is confronted with a choice. He can either reclaim his life, or lose it forever.
    ~ Goodreads

  • Bomy’s Flutter: fun retelling/reinterpretation of a fairy tale I shall not name so as to not ruin the mystery angle for you

  • World Building: A charming mix of New Orleans and New York setting, with the paranormal element subtle and on the mystery side.
    Characters: Sebastian was interesting. I loved him for his faith and the way he loved Sean, plus he had a great sense of humor. I enjoyed the fullness of him, the way his love, loss, memories and faith mixed and in the end saved him. Mister R was also interesting, he ended being fuller then I might have expected.
    Plot: Interesting mystery sort of spin on a life that can be undone. I enjoyed it and I was curious about things, plus the ending was surprising. There were slower times perhaps as this isn’t agitated action but of a curious gets curious-er sort of read.
    Writing: Third person narrative from Sebastian’s POV, more along the literary/traditional vine with careful wording and lovely built scene settings. What I liked most about it was the way Sebastian came alive through his emotions.
    Curb Appeal: Not great, I’m afraid. The cover makes sense now that I read the book, but before it had a “Uhm, what is that?” sort of effect. The blurb gives the right feel as far as writing goes, but I would have been a lot more curious about it had it had a hint of the real kicker in there – the retelling/reinterpretation spin.

    All in all, a fun and intriguing read that I say is meant for adults not because of any graphic content but because of themes included in the story. Plus I think the pace of action and nature of events would appeal more to an adult then younger reader.
    I say give it a try.


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