Guest Post: The Writing Pilgrim & the Search for Ideas by David M. Brown

A World Apart

  • By David M. Brown
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published June 16th 2012
  • Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
  • Demetrius makes his first mistake when he lets his best friend Halcyon marry Eleyna, the love of his life, without saying a word. On the day of the wedding, he walks away from the Elencheran town of Dove’s Meadow and joins the army.
    He makes his second mistake when the pirate Black Iris tricks him into letting dozens of men, women and children die in a fire. Demetrius is imprisoned in grief and disgrace.
    But he can atone. The Black Iris is dead. The Ivory Rose has risen to the top of the pirates and is leading brutal raids on the coast. If Demetrius can capture and kill her, he’ll win his pardon.
    And then Demetrius discovers the Ivory Rose is Eleyna. He must decide which will be his third mistake: Losing his last chance at a pardon, or destroying the one woman he’s ever loved.
    ~ Goodreads

    The Writing Pilgrim & the Search for Ideas
    By David M. Brown

    The Writing Pilgrim continued along the narrow walkway. On either side of him was an infinite descent into nothingness. Not even the stars overhead offered any comfort should one stumble into the void. The Writing Pilgrim had been traversing this path for days. Sometimes his course veered to the left, other times to the right, but it was mostly a straight and monotonous route into the unknown.
    Just when it seemed the Writing Pilgrim couldn’t take anymore of his surroundings, he saw an incandescent glow on the horizon. There it was. The centre of inspiration in this crazed mind of author David M Brown. As Mr Brown’s creation, the Writing Pilgrim was compelled to wander these gritty paths in search of ideas for his master. It was a thankless task.
    The path came to an end at a circular platform surrounded by wrought iron gates akin to the ones the author had known in his childhood home but these were painted gold to gloss them up, make them more celestial. The Writing Pilgrim passed through the open gates and found he was not alone on the platform.
    Groups of all races – humans, elves, tolderes, dragons, valkayans, dwarves and elamorgias all gathered here. Some were sitting with their backs to the gates around them, while others were pacing the platform back and forth. The Writing Pilgrim noticed that most eyes were fixed on a stairway at the north side of the platform. It led up to a swirling red cloud whose vortex would turn pink whenever anyone approached. The Writing Pilgrim watched as individuals and groups ascended the stairway and appeared to speak to the cloud before turning and heading back to the platform with dejection enveloping their every step.
    It’s great to be back, the Writing Pilgrim thought. He had been here many times before but his two most recent visits had been to find an idea for a novel for his author. The previous time it had been a trio named Demetrius, Eleyna and Halcyon that had spoken passionately of their story. The Writing Pilgrim was impressed and permitted them entry through the red cloud where their tale became A World Apart. Prior to that, the Writing Pilgrim had spoken with a quiet man, somewhat withdrawn and wary of others, but one with a fascinating story that became Fezariu’s Epiphany.
    The Writing Pilgrim began speaking to the characters in turn, each one born of Mr Brown’s inspiration and left to wait here in this lonely place. Some would find their way into a novel, their stories would be told, but others would be made to wait. Would they wait for eternity? It was hard to say where Mr Brown was concerned. The fool was easily distracted.
    The Writing Pilgrim did a full circuit of the platform and had a lot to consider. For some reason surf boarding elves were in there, a trilogy about three monarchs – Merzara, Leansja the Great and Jedamar, a James Bond book (which the Writing Pilgrim assumed would arouse suspicions of plagiarism), and worryingly Fifty Shades of White – An Artists’ Guide to Painting Snowy Landscapes. The many ideas were questionable to say the least and that was a generous assertion.
    However, there were two pairs of characters that did interest the Writing Pilgrim. Two friends named Palatine and Ansel wanted to tell their story.
    ‘It’s about a friendship that lasts for thousands of years,’ Palatine said. ‘We rise to power, fall from grace, are left for dead, only to rise once more.’
    ‘Our friendship withstands so much,’ Ansel added, ‘but the more time that passes, the more fragile our unity becomes.’
    ‘We’re thinking of calling it Ansel’s Remorse and it will be set before the previous two books in the Elencheran Chronicles series.’
    The Writing Pilgrim moved onto the next two characters – a brother and sister named Sebastian and Leila.
    ‘It’s set in Elenchera’s future,’ Leila said. ‘Vast, sprawling cities now exist, powered by magic and in our home there is political turmoil. Legantkia is still a kingdom but many wish for it to be a republic.’
    ‘Amidst the political landscape there is a revolution in music,’ Sebastian replied. ‘A new musician has emerged from the slums and become the biggest sensation in decades.’
    ‘Sebastian and I begin the story very close but we drift apart with our contrasting perspectives and desires for very different worlds. The novel is going to be called The Stars Beneath the Parapets.
    The Writing Pilgrim could see benefit in both ideas but he had to choose one. Mr Brown only wrote one book at a time. It was a difficult decision and in the end the Writing Pilgrim had an epiphany just as Fezariu had. Why should I have to rack my brains over this, he thought. Mr Brown is the author. I’ll let him sort it out.
    With that Ansel, Palatine, Sebastian and Leila made their way up the stairs and through the red cloud. The Writing Pilgrim didn’t envy the quandary Mr Brown would now face but it’s what he deserved for having someone else do the dirty work of finding ideas for him.
    The moral of the story? Try not to annoy your characters.

    About the Author & Links:

    David Brown could be considered a fantasy fanatic, especially since he has spent the last 10 years developing a 47,000-year history for his fictional world of Elenchera. When converting his obsession into literary form, David commits himself to a rigorous writing and editing process before his work can meet his approval. Combined with the critical eye of his wife and a BA Hons in History and English, David’s dedication leads him to his goal of inspiring readers through heartfelt stories and characters.

    Although David is inspired primarily by fantasy fiction, he also finds his muse in the form of anime, world cinema, history, and biographies. His own books, Fezariu’s Epiphany and A World Apart, and the in-progress Ansel’s Remorse and The Stars Beneath the Parapets combine aspects from worlds both old and new into compelling tales of a world not soon forgotten. David himself certainly does not lack a spirit of adventure; in fact, he left his job in 2007 in order to spend a month travelling. Second only to meeting and marrying his wife, David counts this as one of the most amazing experiences of his life.

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