My Bookish 2013 New Year’s Resolutions Challenge


List of Resolutions:

  • Get this blog to 1000 GFC followers
  • Publish as many reviews as I did in 2013
  • Read at least 100 books
  • Publish my first novel (myeah…I know, I know…)
  • Will add more as I sign up for challenges xD
    What about you? Sing up here if you wanna join the challenge!


    4 thoughts on “My Bookish 2013 New Year’s Resolutions Challenge

    1. Chrystal M

      I gave myself too many goals this year so won’t be completing them all, but it was fun! So I will be signing up again this year! 

    2. Livia ~ BoM Books

      Hehe, I sort of did that too. I think it’s a blogger’s risk hazard, lol, we see this white space in our lists and our natural instinct is to fill it… but I’m crossing out things I did manage for last year and I only have the diminishing number of TBR pile to do…which was the hardest to begin with, lol! But hey, there’s still some time until December 31, maybe I’ll get there… 

    3. Alexa Kalas

      Good luck on getting all of those goals done in 2013! I don’t think I’m going to join any challenges this coming year because I never am able to keep up with them.

    4. Livia ~ BoM Books

      I know what you mean. I mostly sign up for them more to get my engines revved up, you know? lol. I may not reach the goal, but at least I’ll have this little reminder to try and go in that direction. 
      Worked for me so dar 😀


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