Review: A Galactic Holiday by Stacy Gail, Sasha Summers, Anna Hackett and Angela James (Editor)

A Galactic Holiday

  • By Stacy Gail, Sasha Summers, Anna Hackett and Angela James (Editor)
  • Editions: ebook
  • Expected publication: December 3rd 2012 by Carina Press
  • Genre: Adult Romance / Sci-Fi / Anthology
  • Source: NetGalley
  • Do androids dream of electric sugar plums?
    A detective who refuses to modify her body teams up with her cyborg rival to track down a burglar who is putting toys into homes. A solitary ice miner finds love and friendship while stranded on the surface of Galileo. And two hardheaded negotiators put their differences aside to evade an assassin and save their planets. Enjoy these visions of Christmases yet to come with three science-fiction novellas from Carina Press.
    Edited by Angela James, this anthology includes:

    How the Glitch Saved Christmas, by Stacy Gail
    Galileo’s Holiday, by Sasha Summers
    Winter Fusion, by Anna Hackett

    Stories also available for purchase separately.
    86,000 words
    ~ Goodreads

  • Bomy’s Flutter: awesome anthology, loved all three stories

  • I’ve been having this anthologies craving lately, so we’re talking today about another holiday-themed collection, this time a sci-fi one. The three stories have more of a sweet romance sort of note, no real kink to them. Not a drawback, just a specification, since the anthology we talked about a few days earlier – Red Hot Holiday – did have some light kink going on. This one doesn’t, it’s vanilla romance though still adult.
    Rarer for me, I actually didn’t have one favorite story from the anthology but loved them all. And since you can get the stories on their own, we’ll talk about each of them, no spoilers of course.

    How the Glitch Saved Christmas by Stacy Gail was a really awesome sci-fi view on the future, a futuristic Chicago where body-mods can improve the human body and give it amazing powers. But as civilization tends to see happen, useful becomes necessary or even mandatory. Reina is a spunky, strong woman, the best detective in her department who stood up for what she believed in even if it ended up costing her. I admired her, loved her voice and the way she interacted with everyone. Edison was the new shiny golden-boy that wanted her from the get go but had a hard time getting the message across. He was a fighter, ambitious and determined though, and I liked him, too.
    Their chemistry was really cool, that sort-of-enemies turned lovers dynamic that was filled with tension and all so juicy.
    There’s a mystery vibe to the story as they investigate a case, and that story sort of had my eyes moist, I found the story all in all romantic, fun, but also touching and sweet.

    Galileo’s Holiday by Sasha Summers was a bit different in that it showed Riley’s point of view but not her lover’s, so what we saw of him was through her eyes. I personally have no problem with that, in fact I roll with that just as well as the mixed POV type of story. This, to me, made it stand out, story and characters aside. I also loved the world building, it was a whole new world and it was fascinating.
    Yet again, Riley is more of a loner, independent, strong and really good at what she does. Forced to change her way of life, she adapted to change well but not without batting a lash, it made her realistic. Leo was a cool guy, sort of the hero type, the guy with his own morals. They had more of a romantic vibe then a passionate one to me, their chemistry was more on the sweet side but without becoming too much.

    Winter Fusion by Anna Hackett told the story of yet another whole new world, awesome to me. Savan and Brinn came from completely different worlds, the uber-efficient and emotionally cold versus the loving but physically cold. They had again that sort-of-enemies turned lovers kind of dynamic, and the chemistry between them was really obvious from the get go, strong response and full attention and all that good stuff.
    I liked to follow them both as their relationship impacted their lives, and the vibe of the end was sweet and positive, as with the other stories in this anthology.

    All in all, this was a great romantic read for the Holidays, I recommend it warmly since it’s fun, interesting, positive and sort of sweet, just the kind of state of mind you’d want for this time of year.


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